Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Kevin Clark: WCHA Offensive POTW

Congratulations to UAA Seawolves forward Kevin Clark for receiving the WCHA's Offensive Player of the Week honor for March 9th, 2010.  It is Kevin's 2nd such award this season for his offensive performance.

Here's the text of the WCHA release:
A 5-9, 171-pound senior and alternate captain from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Clark’s four goal series give him 23 goals on the season – first among WCHA players overall and eighth in the nation. His 23 goals this season also represent the most scored in a single season by a UAA player since Derek Donald had 23 in 1991-92.

Clark scored two goals in each matchup against the visiting UMD Bulldogs on March 5-6 at Sullivan Arena. His two goals last Friday night included the game-winner at 19:38 of the third period as the Seawolves captured a 3-2 victory. He then came back on Saturday with a power-play goal in the second period and an extra-attacker tally in the third as UAA dropped a 6-3 decision.

In addition to his four goals, Clark also fired seven shots on goal in the series.

On the 2009-10 season, Clark leads the Alaska Anchorage team in scoring with 37 points (23g, 14a) in 34 games played, averaging better than a point per game at 1.09.
Hopefully, Kevin uses this award as motivation to continue his outstanding 2nd half production into the playoffs this weekend versus the Wisconsin Badgers.  I fully expect the Badger's to key on Clarky as part of their strategy this weekend.  I say let them try ... the only thing likely to stop Kevin Clark from producing is Kevin Clark.


Anonymous said...

Wisconsin is one of the best teams in the country.
Let's hope clarky, grant and lunden and the team have the game of there life friday.
All the best guys.
Thanks for some great games this year knocking off some top rated teams.

Jeff said...

I wonder if Clarky will make All-WCHA 1st or 2nd team.

Suze said...

Congratulations Clarky! Well deserved. Tear it up in Madison, okay?

The playoff games will be on GCI channel 1 at 4 pm each afternoon.

Anonymous said...

it will be tough for clarky to make the wcha 1 and 2nd team, maybe the third.
Only because he is canadian, and the media, coaches and other nominees will vote for there top five teams.
all the best though

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

So right now its a best 2/3 series with all 10 teams in the league. After one team from each series wins 2, they re-seed them.
Teams re-seeded 4th and 5th have a play in game for the quarter finals, the winner goes on to play the 1 seed in the semi's. Also in the semi's is a 2 and 3 matchup.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kevin!!
What an inspiration you are to Seawolve Hockey!
All the best to you in the future.

Donald Dunlop said...

Expanding on the first answer to the question about the tournaments ...

The Final Five is the WCHA's tournament championship. The Frozen Four the NCAA championship.

It is determined by the NCAA tournament which comes after the conference championships. 16 teams qualify for the NCAA tourament in four brackets. Winner's of each bracket (or regional) advance to the frozen four.

The winners of each conference tournament get an autobid and the rest of the field is selected by a mathematical process called the "Pairwise" which is sometimes shortened to PWR.

It's fairly straightforward except when teams that otherwise wouldn't "qualify" for the NCAA's win their conference tournament. When that happens, it bumps the otherwise #16 team.

If UAA got to the Final Five ... they would be a play-in team. Only one play-in team has ever won the Final Five and that was last year when UMD won it.

When UAA got to the "play-in" game after defeating Wisconsin in the playoffs, they won their "play-in" game against CC, then lost the semi-final to UND and then the 3rd place game to UMD.

So if you're wondering about UAA getting to the NCAA tournament. They'd have to first win the best of three series with Wisconsin. Then win their next three games. Then to advance to the Frozen Four they'd have to win two regional games. And to be NCAA champion win two more games.

So ... for UAA to win the NCAA championship this season they'd basically have to win 9 games in a row. They could lose one game to Wisconsin this weekend and still do all that but otherwise ... well you get the picture.

dsack said...

The craziest thing about Clark's stats is that he is a phenomenal passer as shown during his first two seasons with the Wolves. With another legitimate scoring threat or two he could have racked up some serious points.

Anonymous said...

If shyiak had not put him on second line during the first half, plus on the point in power plays.
Shyiak made no effort to put clark, grant and lunden together to rack up points like other teams.
We could have won games earlier in the year stacking our power play like denver and wisconsin.
It is a team game, kevin leadership skills have been second to none, he leads on the ice and off. He will leave Uaa with a business degree a successful 4 years of hockey and some greats friends and teachers of the game.
All the best to the team this weekend, clarky helped lead his junior A team to a championship, let's hope for the same success against wisonsin.
again congrats on your personal awards, but kevin is a team player and willl pursue his game at the next level.

Anonymous said...

With another dependable goal scorer the team could have racked up some serious wins, never mind some serious points not only for Clark, but for the rest of the team.

Anonymous said...

Clark is fifth in the nation in scoring, not eighth.

Donald Dunlop said...

It all depends on how you parse the terminology. If you wanted to you could accurately say that Kevin Clark has the 3rd most goals of any Division 1 player.

As far as "scorers" (both goals and assists) he is actually 47th @ 1.09ppg which is also 25th best.

I'm assuming that on the day of the release he was #8 on the list since "the list" tracks goals per game.

All in all it's kinda of six of one and a half dozen of the other. The best way to state it ...

Kevin Clark led the WCHA in goals for 2009/2010 season.

Anonymous said...

We also do not play 36 regular season games, 2 less than other teams. Clarky would rack up a couple of more goals. Kevin is fine with leading the wcha in goals, a win or two this weekend for him and the team would be great. Kevin will go on to play at the ahl level and continue to score more goals, people will ask him where he played, and he will be proud to say uaa.
When they ask him about his 23 goals, he will say that's nice, but beating und, beating colorado and minnnesota was sweet. Beating wisconsin this weekend would has to his future comments on this is the best team he has played on in four years. Kevin took his responsiblities has assistant captains seriously. Bag a few goals against a very smug opponent.

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