Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Potpourri: Winter Needs To Be Over

Yes.  There was no recap of Saturday's loss here.  Blame me and nobody else.  I wasn't feeling it.  And that's what it is.  The loss was a typical one for this Seawolves team.  They played well in spurts and at crucial times got tagged with goals they couldn't afford to give up.  It was 3-2.  At one point, the game was straight up in doubt with the score 3-2.  That lasted for all of about 20 seconds or something.  

Good news?  Um .... I won a dollar from Mr. Suze betting Shyiak would pull Olthuis during the 3rd period timeout.  Pfffttttt ....  End of attempted delayed recap.


I'm not one to overly focus on an individual when covering on the team.  But I would indeed be remiss if I didn't point out exactly how great Kevin Clark has been over the 2nd half of the season.  23 regular season goals is a real nice number.  But it's more impressive that he had only 8 goals at the break.  He's scored 15 goals in the last 16 games.

This weekend versus UMD, Kevin accounted for 66% of UAA's goals.  For the season, he nabbed slightly more than 27% (23 of 84) of Seawolves goals.  Kevin finished the overall regular season with 23 goals to lead the WCHA.  His 18 goals in conference action was tied for 2nd behind Geoffrion who had 19.

I heard Aces fans aplenty this weekend hoping that Clark would join the Aces at the end of the season.  Made me laugh everytime.  Why would he take a step down from the WCHA to the ECHL after he led the WCHA in scoring?  See that happen much?  I mean like ever?  Nope.  

Here's some recent names from atop the WCHA goal scoring tables.  Any of these guys in the ECHL?  Tyler Bozak, T.J. Oshie, Blake Wheeler, Jonathan Toews, Andrew Gordon, Mason Raymond, Brock Trotter, Joe Pavelski, Paul Stastny, Phil Kessel, Matt Carle, Alex Goligoski, David Backes ... etc, etc, etc.  

Any top level WCHA scorer that spends anytime in the ECHL after the WCHA has a moron for an agent or is named Travis "puck-hog" Morin.  At 22, Kevin is at the perfect place in his career to step onto the ice with a good AHL team and continue his development.  After a couple of years in that league if he has progressed you'll probably see him get a chance in the NHL.  Only a significant drop in his level of play would account for him ever showing up on an ECHL roster.


It's March, there's no hockey worth watching in Anchorage after this past weekend.  So let's be done with the winter bullshit eh?  Someone get right on that please.  Thank you.


I've noticed a disturbing trend nationwide.  Some people actually think that the Dwight K. Shrute character on NBC's "The Office" is likable in some way.  How does that dysfunction start?  It only takes watching one show to realize that this dork-infected bumpkin has pretty much no redeeming social qualities.  

If and when he actually does something that benefits anyone else it's entirely accidental.  Don't be a Dwight fan.  He represents everything that is wrong with humanity.  To like him is to hate humanity.  Everytime someone laughs at something he says a baby kitten dies.  Thank you in advance for your agreement on this.


Not like you couldn't look elsewhere but here's the other WCHA playoff matchups.  DU hosts MTU, SCSU hosts Mankato,  Duluth hosts CC and Minnesota goes to the Ralph.  

I cant see DU losing the series to MTU but, maybe .... just maybe, Tech will nab a game.  An opponent that hits relentlessly and hustles to pucks could give the Pios all they can deal with.  There's some laziness on that DU squad that could pop up it's head in a 1st round series with the 10th place team.  But, I'm saying DU in 3.

SCSU should take care of Mankato but then there is this whole "we just took 3 points off them" in Mankato's head so who knows.  The Swoonskies have been known to piss down their legs before but they'll most likely wait until the NCAA's to break their fans hearts again.  SCSU in 3.

CC will be seriously looking to repay UMD for last years playoffs when the Bulldogs bounced them.  Don't be a bit surprised if they win that series.  Neither of those teams is as good as their record and UMD has not a great stretch run but I going with them in 3.

As for the UND/Minnesota series.  I can't imagine the Gophers winning 2 out of 3 at the Ralph.  They certainly have loads more talent than the Susies but UND has tons more desire.  I expect will should defeat skill in this one.  UND in 2.

So with all that then the Final Five will be DU, SCSU, UMD, UND and of course UAA.  So there's no need now to have any of the playoff series right?  Good then ... let's not and say we did.


Thank creation that there are people in this world like the woman in this video.  It is her stupifying survival to adulthood that gives the severely mentally challenged hope that they can one day function on their own.


Suze said...

I've seen that video before, it's hilarious. What is even funnier is the reaction of the people sitting behind her. Priceless.

I can't see Clark playing for the Aces either, but I bet they want him pretty badly ... penalty minutes and all.

Anonymous said...

No way Clark plays for the Aces. He is probably going to get a quick look in the A. I hope he has a great showing in Madison so that he gets a nice signing bonus. Go Kevin - Screw the Aces!

namreggolb said...

Big shock that this woman is a fan of George Bush.

Anonymous said...

All the best to clark and the seniors after the playoffs.
Whenever one of our players, like beagle, crowder and lawson, just to name a few go on to the ahl.
It allows our coaches to sell our program to new recruits. Kevin's success will help this team attract top end canadain players.
Kevin will be a good ambassador for our program. Kevin thanks for coming to uaa, and not minnesota state, I know they offered you a scholly there. Wish you and all the seniors well.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear, the program needs more embassadors!

paintedpony said...

Don't be surprised if Clark plays for the Aces. The ECHL is chock full of AHL players this year due to less players going to Europe and NHL players being sent down to the "A". It wouldn't be such a bad thing. Even Nathan Lawson has played in the ECHL. Can't understand how come lots of you folks are so down on the Aces. I go to both the Seawolves and Aces games. I think both are great in their own way. Hopefully the Seawolves can pull the next series off. That would be awesome.

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