Monday, April 12, 2010

Five Future Seawolves Still In Jr. A Playoffs

Junior A playoff seasons in North America are well underway and while some future Seawolves team's have packed it in there are still five players on various squads hoping to help their teams advance to the next round.

Lets start off in the AJHL where the Spruce Grove Saints will be contesting game 7 of the league championship series versus the Fort McMurray Oil Barons on Tuesday night.  The Saint's have three future Seawolves on the roster.  Through the playoffs Brett Cameron has 5 goals and 6 assists in 14 games for Spruce Grove.  Brett joins the 'Wolves this fall.  His teammate Scott Allen has 4 goals and 5 assists in 14 playoff games so far.  Scott joins the 'Wolves in the fall of 2011.  The 3rd future Seawolf on the squad is defenseman Wes McLeod who in 13 playoff games has 2 goals and 3 assists.  It's been a bit of a surprise for this series to go to 7 games but a proud Oil Barons squad is refusing to bow down to the team that has all season been projected to be an RBC favorite.

In the BCHL there is just one future Seawolves player still remaining in action.  Andrew Pettitt and the Powell River Kings face the Vernon Vipers in game 7 of that leagues championship series tonight.  The Vipers seemed to be big favorites in this series so Powell River stretching it to game 7 is a nice accomplishment.  Pettitt has 1 goal and 5 assists in 12 playoff games so far.  He is scheduled to join the Seawolves in 2011.  Like Spruce Grove Vernon has been an oft mentioned RBC contender.

The winners of the AJHL and BCHL tournaments advance to play each other for the Doyle Cup and an RBC bid.  This year's RBC is hosted by the MJHL Dauphin Kings.

The NAHL has one future Seawolves player still active.  Mark Pustin and the Fairbanks Ice Dogs just complete a first round 3 game sweep of their Alaska Avalanche rivals.  He had 2 goals and 2 assists in the three games to lead the Ice Dogs in playoff scoring so far.  The Ice Dogs will play the Traverse City North Stars in the 2nd round with the winner advancing to the Robertson Cup Round Robin May 4th - May 7th before the championship game on May 9th.

As for the currently golfing future Seawolves:  In the USHL, Matt Bailey's Sioux Falls Stampeders were defeated in the first round of the playoffs by Fargo.  Bailey had 2 goals in the 3 straight Sioux Falls losses.  He joins the Seawolves this coming fall.  Zach Rall and the Chicago Steel did not qualify for the USHL playoffs.

In the AJHL, Goaltender Rob Gunderson finished this playoffs with Brooks Bandits after playing in 6 games with a .904 save percentage, a 3-3 record and a GAA of 3.38.  He joins the Seawolves this coming fall.  Jordan Kwas and the Olds Grizzlies bowed out in the first round and in 3 playoff games he netted one goal.  Jordan is the latest addition to the 2010 incoming class.  Quinn Sproule and the Okotoks Oilers went into the 3rd round of the AJHL postseason before falling to Fort McMurray 4 games to 1.  In 11 playoff games Quinn bagged 1 goal and 5 assists from the blueline.  He joins the Seawolves this fall.  

Two future Seawolves in the NAHL have also finished their seasons.  Matt Friese and the aforementioned Avalanche were knocked out by Fairbanks in three games and Matt picked up one assist.  Derek Docken and the Albert Lea Thunder bowed out against the Bismarck Bobcats in three straight games.  Derek picked up a single assist in that series.  Both Matt and Derek join the Seawolves in 2011.

Last but certainly not least, in the BCHL ... Sam Mellor's Trail Smoke Eaters were eliminated by rival Westside Warriors in the first round in 5 games.  Three of the four Westside wins were by 4-2 scores and included empty net goals.  Sam scored an impressive 3 goals and 4 assists in the series to lead the Smoke Eaters in playoff scoring.  He joins the Seawolves in 2011.


Suze said...

Thanks for the updates Donald! Any word on UAA signing another goalie?

Donald Dunlop said...

I'm guessing (completely here) that since two of the three names we had from the BCHL are still playing that it's one of those guys and the club is just holding off making any sort of announcement because they're busy with the playoffs?

I didn't explore the issue with my source. Of course, it's very possible they didn't get any of those three names to commit.

If I were a betting man (and it's pure speculation here readers as I have absolutely nothing to base this on), I'd put my money on Graeme Gordon from Vernon.

dggoddard said...


Anonymous said...

"Relentless" is a fancy college word? My God, my worst fears of sending my son off for an American education are realized. Who are these morons?

Anonymous said...

I just put a post on here and I zapped it into the ozone somehow.. :/

While it's true that the money from the state for an on-campus sports arena does not include ice..

..A new UAA hockey arena is in the works and Dr. Cobb will be making an announcement about it soon!!!

I'm not sure if this is the same deal that Hickel Contracting was in talks with UAA with, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is..

The last time the state tried to fund money for a UAA sport's facility, Palin vetoed it.

So hearing that a new HOCKEY venue is already in the works with an announcement coming soon, sounds pretty good to me!

(Donald or JimJames: If you need proof of the email from Dr. Cobb with this info, let me know & I'll send to you)

And if this shows up on here twice, apologies!! I swear- I don't where my first post went! :-O

Woofie Woof (aka woof)

Donald Dunlop said...

Let's just say I'm aware that there are other efforts underway. I considered it best to not address those until and unless something comes to fruition.

I'm not sure what Dr. Cobb emailed you and honestly I don't want to see it. Discretion is sometimes the best path to take in these things both for the program's sake and Dr. Cobb's sake.

Anonymous said...

There will be an absolute huge uprising if hockey is not in the new building or there is not a concrete plan for the new building. Hockeys first here. Flagship sport. I think it will get very loud as we have got to make some big and the right moves or im sorry we are in for big trouble. The Arena is an MUST.

woof said...

A hockey arena IS forthcoming 10:12pm.. Not in the state-funded facility, but it's coming! Thank you for the response DD. Can you please delete my earlier post? You're right that it's probably best not to bring up personal e-mails like that on here.

Donald and JJ ~ you guyz rock!

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