Thursday, April 01, 2010

Seawolves To Play Aces In Two Exhibitions

The Blood Bank of Alaska, the ECHL Alaska Aces and WCHA University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves announced today a 2 game exhibition series to be played Friday December 17h and Saturday December 18th, 2010 on the Seawolves home ice at Sullivan Arena.  It is a first ever exhibition series of it's kind in modern Division 1 hockey and promises to bring added excitement for Anchorage hockey fans of all stripes.

Speaking for the Alaska Aces, frontman and Vice-President of Operations Jack Michaels said this of the announced series:
The Seawolves essentially built the Aces long ago so this series is great in that it will pit two proud local teams against one another in an exhibition for pride.  We in the Aces organization hope that the Seawolves folks won't hold it against us for winning these two games.  Instead, we hope that it will allow UAA fans to get a better appreciation for high talent level of the ECHL.
In a separate statement issued by the University Head Coach Dave Shyiak said:
As a representative of the league (WCHA) wtih the highest level of amateur hockey in the world the Seawolves look forward to the opportunity to once and for all definitively answer the question of whether a league full of marginal CHL players and failed AHL players can even compete with the talent of the WCHA.  We will put a big fat WCHA stamp on these games I can assure you.
There's a long standing argument in this town regarding who has the better hockey team.  Back home when two good ol' boys down in the holler have a disagreement they settle it the old fashioned way.  This series is the same thing.  I 'spect it'll be a dang nabbit good time.  What's an "Aces" anyway and what does a white bear have to do with it?
Admission to the series will be free for those donating blood to the Alaska Blood Bank by presenting a special coupon entitled "Give Blood, Play Hockey" which can be obtained during the two weeks preceeding the much anticipated games.  The mobile Blood Bank will be stationed outside the event prior to the game to allow donations at that time and receive the free admission.  Tickets will be sold to those unwilling or unable to give blood for $20 and all seating will be first come, first served general admission.

Blood Bank of Alaska spokesperson Clarice Sanguisuge indicated her excitement in a statement saying:
We're thrilled to get the opportunity to sponsor such a great event.  Typically, people are out Christmas shopping at that time of year and blood donations are down.  But we believe the chance to see two free hockey games will provide a boost to our supply which will increase our stockpiles for months instead of the normal weeks we typically warehouse.  Of course, I'm a big fan of both teams and am excited myself to see whether the youth and vigor of the Seawolves can take down the age and experience of the Aces.  You might say it's youngblood versus oldblood.
Mayor Dan Sullivan is expected to announce later today that he will commission a special trophy to be awarded to the winner of the series.  Total goal differential will be used to determine the winner.  If necessary, the games will not use the standard post game shootouts to determine the winner but instead, the shootouts will be conducted prior to the start of both games guaranteeing the excitement that only shootouts can bring to hockey.  10 shooters from each team will take their turns before each game.  The results will be tallied and used as a tie-breaker (should one be needed).

When asked about this series and UA_'s exclusion, UA_ Athletic Director Forrest Karr said:
Up here in the Golden Heart city we don't need to prove anything but in order to answer this creative marketing move we've decided to drop the name Nanooks and instead call the team the Alaska Alaskans.  We noticed ESPN didn't call us Alaska Nanooks during our one and only NCAA playoff game that finally happened this year.  
Instead they're on screen scoreboard said "Alaska Fairbanks".  The complete and utter failure of our previous branding has left us with no choice but to re-brand again.  We are certain that the Alaska Alaskans name will do the job of differentiating ourselves from that team down the road that has beaten Boston College twice in the NCAA playoffs.
Rumors abound that the Fairbanks Ice Dogs (an NAHL Junior A team who is comfortable keeping the name of Fairbanks) have challenged UA_ to a similar two game series.  Forrest Karr was silent about those rumors.  However Ice Dogs General Manager Rob Proffitt said:
They won't play us because they know we'd kick their asses.  They might be embarrassed to keep Fairbanks in their name but we aren't.  We love this city and their intellectual elitists asses need to be taken down a peg or two.  But they won't play us.  They're pussies.


Anonymous said...

I think we've been punk'd

Anonymous said...

Meh. The Nanooks blog had a better post.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this April Fools Day??

Suze said...

TEAM AWARDS HANDED OUT: Senior Kevin Clark was selected as the Seawolves' Most Valuable Player, announced at the hockey banquet on March 31 ... Clark ended his college career leading the Seawolves in seven categories - points (37), goals (23), shots (113), shot percentage (.204), power-play goals (7), penalties (39), and penalty minutes (89), while tying for first in short-handed goals (2) and game-winning goals (2) ... Clark also brought home the Leon Thompson Fan Favorite award for the third consecutive season ... six other Seawolves were honored at the end-of-the-year banquet ... garnering the Coaches Award was senior captain Jared Tuton ... senior Jon Olthuis was recognized as the Student-Athlete ... freshman Alex Gellert was named the Rookie of the Year, junior Craig Parkinson selected as Most Inspirational, while junior Sean Wiles was Most Improved ... sophomore Jade Portwood picked up his second Corner Man honor.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Clark is in toronto, canada today, getting ready to play the ahl marlies friday and saturday.
As someone who knows Kevin very well, I am sure he is honored to accept the mvp award and the fan favorite award. He has spoken to me many times how enjoyed his four years at Uaa and will continue to promote your program.

444 said...

Somebody got me good earlier this morning or I would have believed this great joke.


A Seawolves Fanatic said...

You know this sounds very familiar didn't you D do this before, this exact particular joke?

Donald Dunlop said...

Not that I recall. I may have talked about the subject as I've thought that such a thing was a good idea. I still think it would be good idea and I don't believe that such a thing runs afoul of any NCAA regulations.

Having a game (or two) versus the Aces could be arranged in some manner.

UAAalumni09 said...

Delete Jon Olthuis, G released as emergency backup goaltender

Anonymous said...

Too bad for Jon. Perahps another team will pick him up. I'd also love to see a couple of game against the Aces. Even one game would be a good pre-season warm-up for both teams. Nothing to lose as it's pre-season.

Donald Dunlop said...

Typically the Aces haven't even started their tryouts/camp by the time UAA's season starts. They're generally 2-3 weeks behind. I'm all for it but want it to be an evenly matched thing in those terms.

Anonymous said...

That is so true about the local players. A friend of ours played for the Ice Dogs, was a high scoring defenseman, and got recruited by Air Force. He rarely played for them, and finally left and went D-3.

Anonymous said...

kevin clark scored his second goal in four games to help the moose ahl to a 3 to 1 win in toronto against the marlies tonite.
clark had 1 goal, 4 shots on goal and 2 penalties. Clark also played on the second line power play unit.
To bad shyiak never allowed kevin to play his style in college.
all the best to kevin in the ahl
moose are playoff bound.

Suze said...

Just got back from the Avs & Ice Dogs playoff game. Dogs won in overtime, but it was fun. Good to get a look at two of our recruits (and Minnesotas two recruits as well).

akhockeyfanatic said...


Will be a better game tomorrow night. More fans will be there and the Avs will win!!

Minnesota is lucky to be getting Parenteau. He is a work horse, lives and breathes hockey, a great all around kid and so coachable. Word has it that Friese will be playing in the USHL next season.

Suze said...

I was impressed with Larson as well. Parenteau was solid, too bad UAA didn't pick him up.

Attendance was poor, but probably not the best time to have a hockey series on Easter weekend.

akhockeyfanatic said...

being from Minnesota, it has been his lifelong dream to play there so I'm happy for him. Of course, it would have been great to get to see him play every other wknd at the Sully! His dad played hockey at Minne and Jake gets his dad's number next year. Pretty cool for him.

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