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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Designated Rivalry Weekend Preview Extravaganza

It's a big "WCHA Designated Rivalry" week for the Seawolves as they head down to Mankato to face the purple Mavericks.  Of course, that really means nothing other than it's the one team that UAA faces 4 times year in and year out.  It's hard to say if that familiarity has bred any dislike between the squads over the years.  I have no sense of such a thing for whatever that's worth.

There could be a bit of underlying animosity this weekend as the last time the Seawolves skated at the ThisOrThat Wireless Arena they handed them a couple of regular season ending losses that were likely to leave a bit of a bad taste in their cow mouths.  I'd assume they'd use that as motivation to play hard this coming weekend.  

For the Seawolves this weekend has to be all about recovering lost points.  It's never easy to sweep any team on in this league but when you're faced with an opponent who has 2 more points than you coming into the weekend and you're sitting in last place with a quarter of the league schedule behind you ... well it's pretty fucking crucial to get pointS.  That's just the way it is.  

The purple cows are scoring at an equally low rate to the Seawolves but they are giving up .75 more goals per game than UAA.  But no statistics will be the difference this weekend.  Effort will be.  This year's edition of the Seawolves has lost more than a game or two due to less than 100 percent efforts.  

This weekend is a chance for them to show that they've learned their lesson.  This squad is certainly capable of going to Mankato and winning gameS.  They have to believe that themselves and then go out and play with energy, focus and confidence.  That will be the difference.

So yeah ... not a weekend preview extravaganza.


A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Are you hosting a live chat tonight D?

Anonymous said...

Nothing here...nothing on USCHO...nothing anywhere. Is this where we're at? Nobody cares about UAA vs Mankato? Seawolf fans used to flock to USCHO, then here after the game for UAA stuff to peruse and talk about. UAA won 5-4. Is this not good? Are we in the I don't care mode already? Why bother D if no one cares? We're in the freaking middle of the season, and there's no buzz. Maybe UAA deserves a lesser WCHA, same with Mankato if this is all the reaction we give to a Seawolf road win. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donald! Good....Yes!! Even's GREAT!! Couldn't watch it on the tv, but Kurt made it real none the less, thanks Kurt!

Our Wolves kicked it. Lots of hustle and they didn't give up. Do it again guys!


Anonymous said...

There was a problem with the GCI feed, but I did get to watch the 2nd and 3rd periods. UAA looked much sharper and hungrier to me, and it was great to see them bag 5 goals.

Mankato will come out even harder tomorrow, and the Sioux won tonight, so be prepared Seawolves and lets get the sweep!!!

Anon at 9:08 pm, why didn't you start a thread on the USCHO yourself?

Anonymous said...

Are all of the UAA fans gone? Especially Our Leader Donald, I just hope he's busy with another part of his life.

Suze said...

If the team plays with that determination every game they can turn their season around. We had a very bad turnover in front of Gundy (by a senior no less), and that kind of sloppy play has to come to a stop. Otherwise the team looked focused.

As for the USCHO, a lot of fans have left over the years. Rusty, C19, Buff, etc. have all quit posting. I admit I've been lazy (and very busy), but we all need to get back to posting there, ALL of the fans - not just a few!!

Donald Dunlop said...

I cannot watch the road games in my residence. My computer is. It isn't a laptop that I can take with me to wherever I go to watch the game.

The Live Chat's have largely been a bust in my estimation over the years that I've done them and they take away from my ability to fully watch the game i.e... my personal enjoyment of the event as a fan.

And it's a holiday weekend. My best friend got married on Thursday.

So let's not have a bunch of this "is the blog dead" stuff whenever I don't post as often as you might otherwise think I would eh? When and if I decide to quit this blog ... you'll know about it. MmmKkkay?

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Okay D, I feelya on the chat thing I guess, I enjoyed/contributed on them and made every single one I could. Good win on the road, and the boys had a jump in their skates. There were playing for a purpose, now we gotta put a whole weekend together. Here's something I didn't know, don't know if anybody else has brought this up:

If you click UAA vs. MSU audio, you can listen to the game called by Kurt last night. Pretty neat. Oh and those announcers at MSU were horrible, I wonder if this is there first year calling hockey. Unprofessional, major bias, and not explaining a single call or infraction they agreed with the zebras or not. Really makes me thankful we still have Kurt.

Suze said...

There are none better than Kurt Haider. He puts so much into the game you feel like you are watching it even if only listening to the radio.

Gundy in net tonight, go Wolves!!

Al said...

very pretty goal by Leiny!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, 5-1 by UAA with only half a game played! Nice to see the desire to win from these guys. They have the talent, they just have to execute.

Alaskana said...

5-2 now. Awesome job Wolves, keep it up!

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

3 out of 4 points this weekend, lit up the scoreboard with 10 goals [giving up 9 ): ]. Solid weekend, wish we had the sweep but you can't be greedy. This kind of effort, flow and creativity/garbage goals is what it takes to win in and out every weekend boys. Nice turnaround so far boys

Al said...

Agreed. 3 of 4 on the road is definatly a winner!
Go Wolves!!!!!!

Alaskana said...

I was so disappointed when the Seawolves lost despite their 5-1 lead... but then I remembered that they got 3 out of the 4 possible points this weekend and with that in perspective I'm quite happy with this weekend. You did great guys, show UND who's boss next weekend. I'll be there at the Sully rootin' for ya!

Alaskana said...

Correction..make that 'I was so disappointed when the Seawolves TIED. Wish these comment forms had a logic check. :-)

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