Saturday, November 19, 2011

UAA/MTU: Saturday Thoughts

I was gonna use my game notes to write a recap and pretend that sitting in the press box had some usefulness.  Watching the team lose a game 5-0 that really wasn't a five to nothing game is tough on a fan.  I saw a certain couple of fans that I know never leave early getting up and heading to the car with about 4 minutes left.  So let's talk eh?

That was a frustrating game to watch.  The Seawolves had more than enough real opportunities to keep the game close on the scoreboard.  If you don't think so then you watched a different hockey game than me.  At the same time, Tech was very effective offensively all night.  They won most of the puck battles inside the UAA zone and frankly looked like they wanted it more.  As the game progressed it also became more and more destined for Tech ... I could tell from all the bounces that went their way.

I know what you're thinking.  You're disappointed.  It's been a long time since we've seen a Tech team come into the Sully and win a game ... and it happens at a time when we are all really feeling the need for our boys to get 4 points.  Nothing wrong with feeling that way.  But this Tech team did a good job tonight.  Jordan Baker was pretty much able to do anything with the puck he wanted.  And the Pietila kid had a real good game for them as well.

It happens.  Other teams can play well.  

I thought Scott Warner stood out for UAA tonight.  Not that plenty of other guys didn't play well.  But I wanted to make mention of him.  He blocked a number of shots and one in particular stung him but he really fought through it and played effectively until the end of that shift.  Good on him.

So that's about it.  Don't be too down about the loss.  The guys will regroup and give em hell another day.  Here's the unedited notes I made for whatever they're worth.
first period
matt bailey with the first scoring chance inside the first minute off a turnover at the blueline.  he broke in clean and gave robinson a forehand deke before shooting a high backhander which robinson saved well.

tech seems to have brought their lunch today prepared to work hard ... they are making things happen in the seawolves zone with hard work and cycling.

ridiculous call on Karl ... the tech player and he coincidentally gave each other a shoulder on the way to a puck and since tech player went down Karl gets whistled.  weak call.

the guys killed off the penalty pretty nicely ... that is they didn't give up any quality scoring chances but at 11:04 just xx after the end of the penalty the Seawolves got caught on one side and after a failed breakout tech was able to find an open guy on the weak side who buried the puck easily.  The goal pulled a review from the officials and I've got no idea why.  Don Adam likes playing with the replay gear?

so for the first half of the period i'd have to say that tech has substantially carried the play.  check that ... they carried the play for pretty much the whole period.  our guys had some chances.  Gotta start converting those chances or it'll be same old story.

2nd period

now scott allen gets sent off for hitting someone too effectively.  they called it interference for comedy reasons.

tyler curriers penalty was just dumb.  he went looking for payback after being hit and ran the guy right in front of the ref.

been a night of getting beat to the puck for the seawolves.  plain and simple.  last night they were the ones getting to pucks first and winning faceoffs.  turned completely on it's head tonight.

very frustrating.  seems like every time the team gets a chance they put hte puck wide or robinson comes up with a big save.  he wasn't the reason for the win but he sure was a big part of it and you can never fault a goalie that gets a shutout.

ridiculous late call on corbin karl ... pure bullshit.  the fucking tech player was going down and karl fell over the back of him.  that was a call made just so the ref could add to his own personal "look how many majors I called" ledger.


Suze said...

Yup, Bob and I left early. Only the second time I can remember in 20 plus years. Tech wanted the win more than UAA did, and that became very irritating to us. We'd had enough.

This team and these coaches have got to figure out how to get some wins, or the attendance will even get worse. It's pathetic enough now.

Sure the refs were horrible, but the team can fight through that. The no call on the blatant hit to the head that sent Naslund to the showers with a concussion should be reviewed by the league. I thought any hit to the head was a mandatory penalty. And the penalty on Liney was crazy. The guy got pushed, was falling down and as he did he raised his back leg which the Tech player fell over.

Hopefully Daniel and Jade will be healthy enough to make the road trip because we NEED points from Mankato.

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture...

Anonymous said...

The photo is Lauren at KTUU. Aces (Coleman's) flame. No wonder he likes it here so much.

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