Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Potpourri: Good Pics and Bad Blogging

I haven't written for a while.  You may have noticed.  Or not.  No real reason other than every time I sat down at the keyboard anything that came to mind sounded uninteresting, unoriginal and just un-.   And then not writing became more appealing than writing.  For a few years I've managed to schlep text to these pages through some pretty difficult times for a hockey fan.  Honestly though, my inability to get anything posted over the last two-plus weeks has pretty much nothing to do with hockey.

Blogging just dropped down to the bottom of my priority list and the bye week helped that.  A few things above it on the list aren't particularly important and a few things are.  Fear not though, I'm sure my posting frequency will return to something more like normal without too much delay.

So today let's review a few things.  The Minnesota series wasn't fun.  Lucia's tactical use of neutral-zone trapping on Saturday night did the trick.  The Seawolves looked great in the 2nd and 3rd period that night but working extra hard on the last two periods of a weekend was perhaps saving it until too late.  I count that in my list of "shouldawon" games.

Last night's game in Duluth was another for the "shouldawon" category.  The guys sure had their chances I thought.  I counted at least three missed chances that shoulda been easy goals.  Shoulda don't get you a W though does it?

Nobody likes to lose.  Points in the WCHA standings are always important.  But not winning is also a chance to learn something about yourself.  It's still early in the season (not even 1/3 of the way into it).  If you add the two "shouldawon" games the Seawolves would be 5-4-1 right now ... instead they are 3-6-1.  Ask any long time WCHA fan and they'll explain how important it is to perform well at the end of the season versus the beginning.

Just look at last year's Seawolves for a perfect example; after 10 games the Seawolves were 2-6-2.  The last 14 games of the season they went 9-5 splitting with UofM, sweeping MTU, getting swept by UND, splitting with UNO and UA_ before sweeping Mankato in the final regular season series and sweeping the Gophers in the playoffs before losing in the WCHA Final Five to CC.  I'll take the current record with that understanding ... because I have as much patience as the Pope has Catholics.

Now go back to the top and check out the excellent pictures taken by the UAA Fan Blog's excellent sports photographer Tom Acquilano.   Good stuff.  Use the pictures as you wish; clicking on the "get yours" or "view all" tabs at the bottom of the slideshow will take you to the source on photobucket.  If you desire higher resolution of a specific photo let me know via email and we'll get you the full sized original free of charge.


Anonymous said...

This weekend series against Tech is military appreciation night (at least according to the UMD play by play guy). Hopefully the Sully will be full!

Let's see the pre-season Seawolves and let's rock and roll!!

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back Donald! Go Seawolves this weekend. To heck with Tech.

Alaskana said...

Awesome to see a fresh post up, Donald. Having said that you really did deserve the break from blogging (and as you hinted I'm sure words have not come easy since the recent WCHA losses).

Hopefully the Seawolves will get their first WCHA victory of the season this Friday (and continue that success Saturday). A victory is the ultimate antidote to their (and our) woes, and should do wonders to get them out of the basement. It will bring me no greater pleasure to see the Wolves rise above UND as well, as I predict happening. And beating a Tech team that is on fire will surely make this weekend sweet indeed.

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