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Friday, December 02, 2011

Post Game Interviews vs North Dakota 12-2

Tough loss for UAA tonight as NoDak scored 3 goals in the first ten minutes that they made hold up in a 5-2 loss for the Seawolves. Interviews tonight from Curtis Leinweber and Brad Gorham.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brad Gorham, how about YOU learn from your mistakes and try not to spend half a period in the penalty box, 'kay? PLEASE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sucks to be a seawolf today.

Charlebois Kowalski said...

Donald I love you!!!

Suze said...

Hopefully Matt Bailey will be okay. He left the game with the trainer during the second period and didn't return. Get healthy guys, and go down to CC knowing you can pull it together. Believe in yourselves!!

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