Saturday, December 03, 2011

Post Game Interviews vs North Dakota 12-3

There is a malaise of sorts hanging over the UAA hockey program. The team is losing and not playing well, the players seem frustrated, and the fans seem either uninterested or frustrated themselves. It's tough to be young team finding it's legs in the WCHA as mercy is non-existent. Once again a small time frame with a lapse in play was the doing in for the Seawolves, this time North Dakota used the second period to build a 4-1 lead and never look back.

Interviews tonight with Tyler Currier (the best player this weekend in my opinion) and Coach Shyiak.

A trip to the Springs and CC beckons before the holiday break and then a 10 day road trip to kick off the new year.


Anonymous said...

Malaise, boy, you got that right!

Anonymous said...

It all starts at the top!

Anonymous said...

When is UAA going to realize Shyiak is not the coach this team needs. He said at start that the team struggled cause players on the team were not his recruits,well now all of them are and the result is worse.

Anonymous said...

^ Anon, nobody was saying that during the 2nd half of last season. Sure I included was hoping Shyiak or Blair would've got the axe during the 1st half of last season, but look what happened we went to the frozen four for only the 2nd time and had a winning record during the 2nd half. Once we get a few more wins and permanently right this ship, you won't be saying that at all.

UAA fan said...

Shyiak is one of the worst coaches I have seen. He is disorganized and just out of touch with what the team needs. The practice lines are completely different than the game lines, what's the point of practicing for 4 days with the same guys if no one is going to play together?? Wes McLeod left the team last week and I wouldn't be surprised if more guys left too. For Shyiak to use an excuse like he didn't recruit these guys is total horse shit. He is always looking to blame everyone but himself, these guys don't respect him anymore

Mike said...

1. Scoring in hockey does not take place on the boards behind the net.
2. Get rid of the Olympic ice. We don't recruit speed, we don't need a large ice surface.
3. Get a special teams coach, we seem to spend a lot of time in the box.
4. Teach your D how to play the body.
5. Quit standing around and pick up an open guy.
6. When does this new league start?

Anonymous said...

Great, McLeod leaves the team, who's next? And we wonder why the Sully is over half empty. Good coaches find ways to right the ship, will Shyiak?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Davis Payne would be interested in coming back to Alaska?

puckdangler said...

Got to stay positive here UAA fans. Hockey is a really tough game. No one ever said it was easy being either player or fan. All you can do is give unconditional support, and hope for the best, in both good times and bad. That is being a true fan.


Suze said...

If UAA can take one thing from this past weekend, it's that they can turn things around. UND was in the basement as well but in just two weekends they played up to their potential and are now tied for fourth place!

We need to get our injured guys healthy and play like we did pre-WCHA and the team will be okay. They do have the potential, but it seems like it's a mental thing right now more than a physical thing.

Their biggest problem, it would appear, is that not all of the guys are giving 100%. Currier, Mellor, Scheid, Leinweber, and a couple others are hustling their butts off. Some other guys are just standing around flat footed ... which leads to taking a penalty when they get beat.

I'd like to see what Pickering can do this season, I don't think he's played a game yet. McLeod only played 5 games, maybe that's why he left? There could be a ton of reasons why he did what he did, don't read too much into it at this point.

It's hard to stay positive right now, and this long Christmas break can't get here soon enough so our guys can get healthy. Hopefully we'll have some of them back for the CC series. You guys beat them last year, you can do it again. Believe in the success you had early on this year and do it again!!!

Anonymous said...

It's mind boggling that Shyiak benches Mickey Spencer on Friday night for a questionable spearing major the previous weekend.Then on Saturday he plays Spencer is on the 4th line and no power play time until the 3rd period. Is Shyiak trying to send a message and if so what would that message be. It seems to me the Shyiak has lost the team and the boys don't want to play for him.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call Spencers penalty questionable, and neither do any other fans who I talked to who saw it. It was uncalled for, and all those penalties cost us two points.

The team has to learn to play with control and this team takes way too many penalties. Most coaches bench players for doing such things, and this is the first time I've noticed Shyiak doing so with Spencer. I have no problem at all with what he did.

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