Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Follow The Blog On Facebook

For those of you on the Book of Faces who might wish to follow the blog there, I've created a page called the Seawolf Hockey Fan Blog.  I'll post links to articles there so you don't have to leave the joint to see when I've posted something new here.

One of the difficulties writing the blog is seeing/finding all of the relevant topics which Seawolf Hockey fans would be interested in knowing. If you see something on the internet you think is relevant, interesting and/or you'd be interested in my analysis or commentary then Facebook is another place where you can let me know about it. My strength isn't in having a well organized information gathering process.

I think we've got excellent participation here. You guys are always bringing good info, observations, questions and most importantly enthusiasm and I hope we grow that this year. Facebook might help that effort and moreso; I think the team is going to help us with it this season by winning more often.


Suze said...

Great idea to have a presence on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, do you have a smart phone D? That could really help, since you could get notified the instant anybody posts/sends you something, whether that be the blog/facebook/twitter/of course text/youtube/etc.

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