Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mark Your Calendars

I understand the team had it's first official practice today. Soooooo ... hockey is really now upon us. It's fixin' to be rainin' hockey all over us. Here's a list of things coming up in the next couple of weeks which you might want to mark on your calendar.

On Tuesday the 29th I'll be going to the Seawolves media day. It includes the usual press conference, player and staff availability for interviews and tours of all the new stuff in The BCHC (Brush Christiansen Hockey Center). I'll have a full report that evening here.

Friday the 2nd is of course the exhibition game in Soldotna against Mr. Royal. I'll have a little preview up on Thursday and I'm looking for a ride there and back if anyone has an extra seat. I'm all about riding my bicycle everywhere I need to go but Soldotna would be a bit much for me right now. Anyway, I'll be a gracious passenger and good company. Then everyone else will get to read a good game recap because you gave me a ride.

On Sunday the 4th the Wells Fargo Sports Center is having it's grand re-opening. There's tours of the BCHC (locker room, training rooms, etc ...) at 3pm which is also when a practice is scheduled. Then at 4pm is the Green/Gold game and skills competition. Then at 5pm is a Skate With The Seawolves event for the kids. I'll have full coverage of all this as well.

Then on Friday the 9th ... game on. But earlier on Friday there's the tournament's Coaches Luncheon. That should be a good event; get your tickets early though as I'm guessing they'll go quickly. All four coaches will be there. I'm planning on going to this.

And just as an afterthought for the tournament. Come watch the games that UAA isn't playing in even if it's just to cheer against UAF. 


Suze said...

We always go to cheer against UA_. :)

Donald Dunlop said...

I enjoy watching the other games cos hockey. ua_ losing is a nice bonus when it happens.

Anonymous said...

C: D Austin Sevalrud
A's: F Blake Tatchell, D Chris Williams, & F Matt Anholt

Nothing too shocking. Nothing on yet, link:

Scroll down and you'll see there is another meet & greet in Soldotna!

Hockey Town AK said...

Any other season tickey holders considereing not renewing?The discounts in walk-up general admission ticket purchases and they very confusing season ticket/blueline/alumni packages are making me want to opt out this year. I'll probably still go to almost all the games but may not bring the whole family and just buy tickets at the game.

The alumnit dontations/perks are getting pretty lame. I can now purchase $108 worth of parking for $150..great deal (this is in adddition to the alumni donation!). Maybe I should start a blog so I can get in free!

Anonymous said...

Hockey Town Ak a typical cheapskate Alumni. always wanting something for free.

Hockey Town AK said...

Anon...nope, just not sure I want to shell out the money this year. May just take it game by game and save some money this year. Shelling out $1400 for 4 season tickets is hardly being cheap. Usually gave 1-2 tickets away to people waiting in line...and you?

Anonymous said...

Hockey town I am a season ticket holder and you my man should be bringing legions of youth teams and groups just like your leaders said would happen last year. Oh… one did show up with one team in uniform and the leader was far away swilling beer in the over 21 area. I guess he thinks he did his part.

Hockey Town AK said...

Lordy adult was in the over 21 area drinking a beer? You should consider heading back to Lake Wobegon. I hear that never happens back there.

I've done my share to bring the the program needs to do their share and put out a product people want to return for. Didn't realize I was the only one considering not renewing. My bad...guess it's just me. Carry on! Hope you and "your leaders" having a thrilling year.

Oh by the way...I'm not an alumni, just a hockey fan who took one class at UAA. Up here, I guess that qualifies for alumni status.

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