Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Some Catching Up

If you haven't been following with Seawolf news and events over the summer then this post is for you. If you have been following then not much in this post is going to be news.

We have a new Assistant Coach. Louis Mass. Click here to read about it. Kurt Haider took a job as the Aces TV guy and David Tuttle replaced Kurt.

We have a few players we weren't expecting added to the roster to replace a few players that we didn't necessarily expect to leave. Hayden Trupp, Hudson Friesen and goalie Michael Matyas left the squad. Replacing them are Sean MacTavish, Nathan and Jonah Renouf and goalie Evan Hauser.  

Follow these links for MacTavish and Renouf information. Evan Hauser is not only a replacement for Michael Matyas he's also a replacement for the original replacement for Matyas who apparently didn't qualify academically. 

I'd peg Hauser as primarily a practice goalie at this point as his stats were highly variable regardless of whether he was playing Jr. A or Jr. B.

However, MacTavish and the Renoufs ... I'd peg as potential freshman impact players. For late additions these three guys may turn out to be the best of the freshman class. That's a "may turn out to be" with the emphasis on "may". 

I ended last season with a look at our incoming class and only a couple of guys impressed me as having potential to make an impact their first season. I was nonplussed overall regarding the class. Now, I'm not. I'm plussed. I think we have a pretty damn fine incoming class now which contains a solid mix of talented players and role players.

The team is having Captain's practices at the moment but not at Wells Fargo which is still under renovation. They were scheduled to skate over here at Dempsey Anderson Arena where I work but I see that was cancelled. I hear they're skating at Subway.

The Sullivan Arena renovations are well in hand it appears. I've spoken with the SMG folks in the know and there'll be no problem making our October 9th opener. There'll be ice in the Sully on Sept. 18th. Then apparently they're going to take the ice out for a couple of events and put it back in. That's all good practice for their crews. The new ice making system is pretty nice. I don't think everyone likes the color selection for the new seats but hey ... we're all gonna love the new boards and glass.

I'm reasonably excited for the season to start. Like every other year, I'm going into the season with high expectations. I don't say that the Seawolves are going to win the league. But definitely don't be surprised if our boys make some noise along the way.

I'm sure I missed something I meant to comment about. Anyway, I'll have a preview of the Senior class posted here over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Do we know what station will be carrying games next season on the radio since Iheart media dropped it

Donald Dunlop said...

That's a really good question and something I haven't even thought to ask anyone. I will make a call tomorrow and ask about it unless between now and then someone else who knows posts the answer here.

Anonymous said...

Thx for following up on that DD.

FYI recruit Aaron mcpheters is playing for the ice dogs

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