Sunday, November 01, 2015

BG Unimpressive In Fortunate 2-0 Win Over UAA

Not to take anything away from the Seawolves lessened execution here today, which clearly contributed to BG's win but BG wasn't good this afternoon. Granted they got the goals they needed to get but not much of getting thoes goals was due to some excellent team effort on their part. Instead, they were both related to calls made on the ice by the referees.

With that said, the Seawolves did themselves zero favors by their play tonight. There were players that looked particularly energetic and focused but that was the exception and not the rule. And so, when you don't have everyone playing with the same effort ... you lose 2-0. It doesn't help that we got nothing significant going on the four power play chances we had.

BGs first goal was awarded after a review. The zebra made the goal call on the ice after a "crease-fest" where about a dozen skates were vying for the puck with lots of human pressure pushing Mantha across the goal line.

It'd be nice to see the overhead camera angle the refs see. But the WCHA started disallowing that the 2nd year after they implemented the review process. They're not big on transparency; it does them no good to expose their referees to scrutiny.

Rater than calling infractions the referees seem to be trying to send a message; there's been a bit of chirping and pushing around during faceoffs and after the whistle. That kind of reactionary nonsense is a problem. Referees are there to call infractions ... not to "control" the game by exercising their authority.

At 10:08 in the 2nd, the zebras made a brutal call against UAA. Jeremiah Luedtke gets pushed into the BG zone as UAA is rushing the puck on the right wing. He tried to hold the line but TWO BG players interfered with him in the middle of the ice to push him offsides. Somehow Jeremiah gets called for interference? That is absolutely one of the egregious worst calls I've ever seen in my hockey life. It was completely ass-backwards and needs to be noted as such. Pathetic. The scoresheet wont show an assist on the ensuing BG power play for the zebra but it should. 

At the start of the 3rd period I'd say the Seawolves need to dig down and find the energy and focus they had yesterday. So far the passing hasn't had the same efficiency as last night and guys are a 1/4 step from winning too many puck battles. Hopefully, Coach Thomas found a way between the periods to get our guys going.

Unfortunately, the Seawolves looked no better in the 3rd than they had in the first two periods. There's much from this weekend that the players should take away and reflect on before the next series. One night's excellent play isn't enough in this league. You've got to play that way every night (or afternoon as the case may be).


Anonymous said...

I agree with both goals. Mantha was pushed into the net by TWO Bowling Green players. Plus, how in all that mess did the ref NOT lose sight of the puck? The second call was simply incompetence on the refs part. I hope the league reviews this and calls them out for this unforgiveable error in judgement.

Brown should not have been dressed tonight, he played horrid last night and continued that tonight. Our captain made a few blatant errors both nights as well ... wait, weren't those two on the same line? I think the win on Friday went to their heads ... I think that BG outworked us all night tonight.

Hockey Town AK said...

really...not one mention of BG goalie Nell? There were ample opportunities for the wolves...they just ran into a hot goalie. nothing more...nothing less! I thought the boys played decent.

How about that crowd! Sure glad the games were not played on Friday and Saturday night, nobody would have came! Another good decision from their "marketing team" ! Keep up the good work.

Suze said...

The game is now on demand, I just watched parts of it, wanted to check out the two goals scored by BG. Not only was Luedtke pushed offside, he was hit in the head! Great call refs.

I also noticed that the next UAF game is tape delay on GCI ... hmmmm

Anonymous said...

What time do the guys practice at the Wells Fargo?
Same time every day?

Suze said...

Very good article in the ADN about yesterday's game. NOT written by Woody, but by Wiebe. He says Mantha had the puck under his glove (and we all know he was pushed into his net), and he talks about the second questionable "interference" call. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened to Mitchell? He wasn't out there the last 2 periods.

Suze said...

I noticed that when he ran into the BG goalie, he came off the ice limping. He got to the bench but it looked to me like he was in pain.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what time the guys practice at Wells Fargo during the week?

Unknown said...

I tuned into an Aces fight tonight and a hockey game broke out.

Anonymous said...

According to Doyle woody luke mccolgan has left the team due to injury and nils rygaard from Janesville is joining the team after the holidays

Anonymous said...

Nils: 20, stats say he is a solid goal scorer with potential. I personally like the most: in 17 career post season games: 5-0-5. Hope he transitions well.

Unknown said...

Another Swede? I wonder if he knows Erb-Ekholm?

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