Friday, November 13, 2015

Stay Outta The Box

I'm at home sick. Only listened. Stay the eff outta the box, eh? End of story.


Anonymous said...

Hard to stay out of the box when the officials make terrible calls.

arcticfox said...

What's the deal with the clusterphuck of Ferritheads that gathered in front of the net after the ref called no goal anyway? A hissy fit later and ~whala~ they were given a goal? It's that easy?

In our world... when the ref calls no goal.. it's never reversed.

Suze said...

Actually, arcticfox, I believe reversing the no goal call was the ONE thing the refs got right tonight. I didn't like Mantha's body language ... he pulled the puck out of the net and laid on it.

So many other calls were absolutely horrid. And if they are gonna be so tick tacky about it, call it both ways. There were no calls on trips and cross-checks by Ferris and the refs looked the other way. Well, it was mostly the one ref who called everything.

Mantha was taken out after the horn at the end of the game, that Ferris player should sit tomorrow.

UAA actually looked very good tonight. Mantha didn't have to make any huge saves ... their goalie did.

arcticfox said...

Thanks Suze! :0)

From only listening to the game, it sounded as though Tuttle was trying to figure out what the deal was on their 2nd goal. It was a head scratcher from where he was sitting I guess.

I'm proud of them too though! They had like 19 minutes the entire game when they were at full strength. You hand ANY team as many penalties as that, and the "Junior Seawolves" will beat them, LOL!

arcticfox said...

Oh p.s. Hope you feel better soon Donald! :0(

Anonymous said...

I agree with Suze that reversing the no goal was correct. I was in the seats behind the net and it went in, you could see Mantha swing his hand back to the goal line.
Not a fan of the no call of the cheap shot on Mantha at the end of the second.

Suze said...

Hope you're feeling better DD. What a great game tonight! UAA played a solid three periods. This team is better than I had hoped they would be. :)

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