Monday, November 09, 2015

Ferris State > BGSU

Last series split against BGSU was a bit unfortunate for the Seawolf hockey team. It was unfortunate that everyone wasn't really on the same page effort-wise on Sunday. If that's the case this coming weekend then UAA will be lucky to get 2 points because Ferris State is clearly a better team than BG.

The Ferris Wheels (4-4-2) opened their season against the NCHC's Western Michigan (4-4-1). They lost a close game the first night and tied the next. Their next series was against MTU (5-3-0) and they got a split; though they lost 5-1 in the first game. 

Then they beat and tied Wisconsin (3-4-3) before pairing up again with MTU and collecting another split in two one goal games. Then this past weekend they split with Mankato.

Here's the one thing that stands out to me from their schedule: Ferris has played 7 of it's 10 games in it's own rink. Still though, I think they're as underrated as I think BGSU is overrated.

Ferris is averaging 3 goals per game. They have given up 3.1 goals per game. Their power play and penalty kill percentages aren't high. None of these statistics matter much to me. What get's my attention is that they've got 7 guys who have scored 3 or more goals. 6 other players have scored at least one goal for them.

This is a team with two strong scoring lines so far this season. They're better than BG and our boys had better fully recognize that. 

Here's what else our boys better fully recognize. This is the team that beat the Seawolves in the 2013-14 WCHA Final Five. And let's not forget losing to them 10-2 on their ice in what was as brutal a meltdown/non-effort as I've ever seen a Seawolf team exhibit. I didn't even mention that as far as I can tell UAA has never beaten this school (unless it was ages and ages ago).

There is plenty to motivate our boys this weekend. The staff will certainly be reminding our guys about the less than full effort in the Sunday game against BG which should help players manufacture the necessary effort this weekend. Of course, the revenge factor is a plus for UAA. There's plenty of guys on our roster that remember losing to this team in the Final Five. So, yeah ... there's plenty of motivation to have our guys play their best this coming weekend.

I'll have a more detailed breakdown of this opponent later this week.


Unknown said...

I just got the media release in my email. It says this:

TV: GCI Channel 1 & 999 (HD) - Delayed until Sunday at 9am/12pm

YES!! I hope all home games will be tape delayed from now on.

Anonymous said...

Best get a reservation for the coaches show at the varsity grill as high school state volleyball at the AAC, call or go on line to make it. on line is the fastest way

You may leave with a great door prize.

Anonymous said...

No free GCI cable showing the hockey game this weekend . you and your wallet will have show up to the sully to watch the Seawolves put the Bulldogs to sleep in their "midnight" series.

Hint hint go to coaches show Thursday night 6 pm at the AAC. lucky win the sweater and wear it to the games. better get a reservation as state volleyball tournament going on this weekend.

Unknown said...

Help us keep the Coaches Corner!

Come join other ‪#‎SeawolfHockey‬ fans Thursday for this week's Coaches Corner, 6-7pm in the Varsity Sports Grill ... we will be raffling off ‪#‎SeawolfAlum‬ Scott Allen's away jersey from last season for FREE - this jersey would likely go for $300+

Unknown said...

The basketball and volleyball games are on instead. That's fine with me, let their attendance suffer instead of hockey.

Anonymous said...

UA_ will be on TSN against UAH, no Seawolves games :(

Meanwhile Wisco is on three times and CC is on once, smh.

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