Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BCHL's Alex Gellert for 10/11 to UAA

Forward Alex Gellert from the Cowichan Valley Capitals has committed to the UAA Seawolves for the 2010 season. He is 6ft 1in and 175lbs and turns 20 years old on September 15.

Alex is a teammate of existing UAA recruit Mickey Spencer. In 54 games this season Alex has potted 23 goals and supplied 28 helpers (2 points ahead of Spencer). In 56 games during his rookie season he scored 9 goals with 8 assists. Tripling your output from one year to the next is bound to get you noticed.

There's not much other than the usual mentions in game stories in the BCHL-related press about Alex. He was traded from Westside to Cowichan in early January of last year for a overager overachiever who Westside wanted for their playoff run.

He's got good numbers, isn't small and if Mickey Spencer and him are already pals then maybe he'll have a ready made linemate. Welcome to the Seawolves Alex.


Anonymous said...

Wow, hard to keep up with all the recruits. Thanks for the updates Donald!

Welcome to the Seawolf family Alex!

Anonymous said...

it says on heisenberg's site that he isn't until 2010

Anonymous said...

This year we have Lovdahl, Robinson and Smith as seniors. The following year, we have nine juniors. It will be good to players in our program when the class of nine leave. Not to mention, current sophomores are at eight.

Donald Dunlop said...

It didn't say 2010 when I typed this up. Sigh. It didn't make sense to me that he would be an 09. But of course I went with it.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of any juniors leaving at the end of the year.

Donald Dunlop said...

The way it breaks down now I'd tend to think no. I'd speculated about Matt Bailey being a possibility but I'm doubting that enough now that I say he is a solid 2010.

I've reorganized my "Future Seawolves" list in the right hand column and unless there was some dramatic change then I'd expect them to be here when they are listed.

I will say that as well as all the 2010's are doing (and I think they are all doing very well) that we are looking at a very very good class so far and there is still at least a couple of players to add.

Anonymous said...

According to UAA athletic website Bailey is an 09'er.


I am not sure how the LOI stuff works but I think it is flexible and could be pushed back but at the time he was an 09 recruit and nothing official saying otherwise yet so I am expecting him to be up here this fall.

Donald Dunlop said...


I suck at guessing when recruits will come in.

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