Monday, February 09, 2009

Spencer Bennett To Join UAA For 10/11

Listed at #93 on the NHL Central Scouting Bureau's Mid-Term Rankings, BCHL's Surrey Eagles forward Spencer Bennett has committed to UAA for the 10/11 season.

Spencer turned 18 this past October 31st. This season is his third in the BCHL. In 06/07 he skated in 7 games with Burnaby and notched a goal. In 07/08 in a full 58 games the he managed 6 goals and 11 assists. Through 54 games this year he has scored 19 goals and added 21 assists.

Along with recruit Wes McLeod, the 6ft 3in, 185lb Bennett played in the CAJHL Prospects game in December and was named 3rd Star of the game. Amongst the 5 BCHL players listed by the CSS, Spencer is the highest. McLeod is second at #119.

Getting Spencer to come to UAA has got to be a bit of a coup. There is little doubt other (non-Gopher) schools would have been interested. It will be interesting to follow his development next year. I initially titled this post incorrectly thinking he was a fit for the 09/10 class before I noticed he is listed for 10/11. So with another year of juniors we should expect to see him filled out and capable of becoming a potentially impactful freshman.

Welcome to the Seawolves Spencer.


Anonymous said...

This guy could be worthy of being a Early Recruit but I believe for Schools like UAA who dont get The Upper Crust elite political kids they should wait and score on the Late developers...Look this early recruit thing can go way backwards if a kid doesnt pan out.

Anonymous said...

welcome to UAA Spencer. We are happy to have you.

Donald Dunlop said...

Getting guys about 18 months in advance is probably a goal for a lot of D1 recruiters. Players like Bennett and McLeod aren't really at risk of becoming busts. They may or may not perform up to expectations but at minimum they'll turn out to be average players. At maximum they could be flight risks their 3rd year.

Nabbing 16 year olds is where the bust risk lies.

Anonymous said...

Alex Gellert Cowichan Valley (BCHL) to the Seawolves this fall! Keep them coming coaches. Nice work...

Anonymous said...

the crop of recruits is exciting to see. and does anyone else think this is the best seawolves team since 04-05/01-02?

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