Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Curtis Leinweber: WCHA Rookie of the Week

Congrats to Curtis Leinweber for being named the Rookie of the Week in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association. The 5'8" 170lb defenseman from Calgary scored the game winning OT goal with 18 seconds left against the University of Denver on Saturday night while playing on the wing.

Stationed alone in front of the DU net Curtis received a sweet pass when Craig Parkinson fought for the puck along the half wall and dished it squarely to the waiting Leinweber. Curtis deked the DU goaltender left pulled the puck to his backhand and shoveled it home. It was a not to be denied moment ... and he certainly wasn't going to be.

Curtis' skill and versatility has given this years Seawolf team an additional facet. He is deft with the puck, flat out speedy and always knows exactly where the net is. His numbers on the year (2 goals and 7 assists) don't reflect the whole contribution he makes to the team; in my mind he lost the moniker "rookie" in the first half of the season. Over the next four years if the team can have some moderate success then we'll see Curtis on some All-WCHA lists: impossible to say whether that will be a list of defensive players or offensive players.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Curtis. The fans are very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Curtis! Very well deserved!!

Anonymous said...

man that was a pretty goal!! Way to go! And I can't wait till Friday night.


Anonymous said...

the next mat robinson

Anonymous said...

Curtis, don't score to many points, or you will have to sit out some games.

Fairbanks fan

Anonymous said...

Curtis should have been playing forward all along. He was a better forward in junior a than defenseman.
All the best this we weekend, we are going to need it. clark out with a game disqualification, coach should have appealed the roughing penalty with the wcha.

seawolf fan

Anonymous said...

How do you know the coach didn't appeal it. It wouldn't have done any good, Shep was convinced it was a cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

Shep must have been the only one in the building, the announcers from Denver were confused why the penalty was so harsh. Clark let up after the hit, and the referees had to discuss the incident and go to a play book. So they were not even sure what to call.
When a referee has to go to a playbook he shoud go back to referee teir 11 hockey.


Anonymous said...

According to the rule book:

"Boarding is usually assessed to a player when the opposing player is hit 4-5 feet away from the boards and hits his head against the boards on the way down. Whenever the hit results in an injury, the player is assessed a game misconduct and ejected from the game, with a suspension occasionally following."

It's rumored that Nutini has a stage 3 shoulder separation.

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