Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ouch! I've Been Dissed by Omission

So I'm cruising around the other hockey blogs and I come across this entry on the Western College Hockey Blog. I had my browser window smaller than normal so when I see the title of the entry I'm figuring ... "cool ... I'll get linked" (for the Evan Trupp entry) and as I scroll thru "mah man's" Totally Biased Linkorama entry I'm stunned to find that the homerest or homer fans doesn't make the cut? (me ... I'm the homerest of homer fans ... but you already knew that huh?) Anyway ... fuckin OUCH.

I hope I'm not being presumptious if I equate (in my case entirely unearned ... I swear... really) USCHO "gopher-hater" label with MaizeRage but I thought our mutual reputations ought to mean something. But NOOoooooooooo ... Maize dissed me big time. Fuckin OUCH.

Yeah I know it wasn't a gopher-hating entry. It wasn't even a sioux-hating entry. But it was in the best tradition of homerism.

Anyway I linked him first so I win.

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