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Friday, October 27, 2006

Character Building?

Tonight the UAA Seawolves got ...

... owned.
... their hats handed to them.
... their lunch eaten.
... pounded.
... trounced.
... atomic-wedgied.
... embarrassed.
... humiliated.
... wholloped.
... thrashed.
... raped.
... pillaged.
... slaughtered.
... their first dose of character building?

I like the last possibility best in terms of "spinning" a 9-0 loss but without a doubt the answer is all of the above. All credit to MTU. In the first period (when there was still a hockey game going on) they were opportunistic (scoring a short handed goal); efficient (.500 on PP%); hustling (the backbreaking 3rd goal) and timely (#4 goal with 15 seconds in the period). That was all it took.

What goes through your mind when you're on a team that just got destroyed? Lots of things. But there's only one of those things that matters now. There's a game Saturday night that is just as important as the one you just finished. I don't feel much like pondering all that so I'll end this pain by saying one of two things will happen Saturday night. Either the UAA Seawolves will look into their individual and collective hearts, redouble their effort and leave Houghton with some pride. Or they won't.


Anonymous said...

WOW! welcome to WCHA action. I think this could be a telling tale. Sounds like a couple of injuries and why isn't the swede playing. 3 games in a row. This can't be good with 2 weeks until early signing period. With not much left out in the recruiting pond what is UAA going to do. Alot of teams have cleaned up the high end players. We will have to wait and see. Not good getting pasted 9-0

Anonymous said...

BEEErutal. Just let it go I suppose and work your asses off tomorrow. Shut out? Come on fellas, got any pride in yourselves? Let's see it tomorrow. Mike

Donald said...

You need to stop dancing around your living room with such glee: very premature, see ... its a long season; oh I guess you didn't read those posts.

And close the damn curtains ... nobody wants to see what you're "shaking".

Anonymous said...

Does this sound familiar 6-27-3...

Donald said...

5 games ...

2 wins ... 1 loss ... 2 ties ...

29 games to go ...

Come back then and do your spiteful little dance.

Anonymous said...

It is still very early but indicative of last year. Under Shyiak the 2 worst losses in WCHA history. A good start to the year but you beat Merrimack who could be the worst team in D 1 and then 2 ties where you were outplayed in one and caught UNO on a good night. Hope fully a better night tonight.

Anonymous said...

I was as frustrated as anyone listening to yesterdays game. I for one don't think that last nights game is indicative of how the season is going to go. Get a game like this out of the way, learn from it, prepare better and get two points tonight. In the overall standings it doesn't matter if you get waxed 9-0 or beat 1-0 in overtime. A loss is a loss and by winning tonight we can leave with a split - not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Dude, like you it was very frustrating to listen to. But shut out? That is unacceptable. Here is to some goals tonight, cheers. Mike

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