Friday, October 20, 2006

Governor's Cup: UAA Up 1-0

The Seawolves pulled out a 6-5 overtime victory tonight; winning at the Carlson Center for the first time in a 1085 days (October 10th, 2003) by coming from behind 3 times; first overcoming a 2 goal deficit in the 2nd and then a 1 goal difference twice in the 3rd period. With just 15 seconds left in the game and with goalie Nathan Lawson on the bench Jay Beagle knocked a loose puck home to send the game to overtime. In the OT period, Justin Bourne calmly (nay ... professionally) skated the puck left to right into the slot and fired a wrist shot cleanly through Wylie Rogers five-hole at 3:09.

UAF led 2-0 after the first period. Nevertheless, the Seawolves probably had the best of the chances in the period. UAA often dominated with great passing and puck possession in the UAF zone but they couldn't solve Rogers (who had 39 saves on the night).

In the 2nd period UAA continued to dominate by imposing their size advantage to once again gain control in the UAF zone for long stretches. A power play goal by Jay Beagle at 2:16 and an even strength tally at 15:27 by Adam Corrin knotted the game at 2 heading into the 3rd period. It was nice to see Adam get a goal early this year after he struggled last season.

Early in the 3rd UAA briefly gained the lead on the prettiest goal of the night as Paul Crowder dispossessed UAF defender Nathan Fornataro along the boards and headed deep into the zone then shoveled a pretty backhander wide to beat Rogers. It's great to have a player that actually knows how to shoot the puck from the backhand as so many modern hockey players seemingly can't. I can't say enough about how talented Crowder is with the puck on his stick. Down 3-2 though the 'nooks struck back quickly at 5:55 and 6:46 to regain the lead 4-3. Just less than 4 minutes later though Mark Smith tied the game during another long stretch in the UAF end. But less than 3 minutes later Nanook Lucas Burnett carried the puck into the UAA zone 1 on 4 and took a shot that wasn't much of threat and Nathan Lawson made a play on the puck that I imagine he thought was safe redirecting it toward the opposite wing. But none of the 4 Seawolves had made it to that side and Tyler Eckford stepped up for an fairly easy tally to make it 5-4. No doubt Nathan wished he had that puck back. I gotta say here at that point it sure looked and felt like days past when the Seawolves would often "get close" but ultimately not come out on top. A timeout with about 1:20 left in the game gave Coach Shyiak a chance to set things up and in the final minute with the extra attacker Jay Beagle came through for his second goal of the night to send it to OT.

From the "fan" perspective this game was so typical of UAA games in the recent past but thankfully the outcome wasn't typical. It was a huge relief to see this team come through in the clutch and win a tough game on the road in OT. Congrats all around to the Seawolves. Tomorrow won't likely be any easier. The number of penalties tonight didn't live up to my expectations with only 11 being called (7 on UAA and 4 on UAF); but special teams was important with UAF getting 2 PP goals on their 6 attempts. UAA was 1 for 4.

Justin Bourne had 3 assists to add to his GWG. Jay Beagle scored 2 goals and added an assist. Paul Crowder had 1 goal and 1 assist on the night. Chad Anderson picked up 2 assists. In UAA's first three regular season games they have put up shot totals of 30, 37 and 45. This is so dramatically different from last year that I'm honestly at a loss for words.
UAF's radio guy, Bruce Cech (see Bruce I can spell your name right) hasn't figured out in 4 years how to pronounce Charlie Kronschnabel's name. It's Kron-SCHNAa-bull. How hard is that? It definitely isn't Krunch-NUBBLE. I hope (but have my doubts) that Bruce learns how to pronounce the name. He is after all supposed to be a professional radio guy and continuing to pronounce it the way he does is complete and utter disrespect to the Seawolve's captain. This rant was sponsored by my daughter, who at 14 years of age is obviously more literate than Cech. Pull your head out Bruce and say it right. Who do you think you are? Doug Woog?

Dear TV production people in FBX. Do you think you could adjust the white balance, color saturation and contrast/brightness settings on your cameras so that we could actually see the puck on the ice? Some camera's were better than others but overall the quality was poor. Perhaps the director didn't notice?


Anonymous said...

I agree about the cameras, terrible quality, way too much white. And so dang far away, the cameras were in the balcony!

The ADN made some glaring mistakes, (see UASHO) calling Knelson a UAA player, and missing the "Nanooks" across the UAF jerseys - he said is said "Alaska". Was he even there? LOL.


Tonight I'd like to see Backstrom instead of Hunt. And Nathan better step it up, or Olthuis may be playing.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, Seawolves have a pulse!!
Tonights game is very HUGE now, and a great chance to see if UAA can show they have some grit and grind out another win. I'd like to see Backstrom instead of either Lovdahl or Hunt. Lovdahl pinched down in the 3rd and coughed up the puck that led to the 2 on 1 goal for Knelson, didn't think that was a very smart decision, but in the long run it didn't matter. Mike

Donald said...

There were other glaring errors too. But if you want to see a TOTAL HORSESHIT account of the the game then go read the game report on UAF's site.

Whoever wrote it tried to minimize things. For example they describe Bourne's goal completely wrong and say it went past Rogers glove side when it was FIVE-HOLE.

Crowder's goal was great individual effort from along the boards and he skated in deep and nailed a backhander like I described and on the UAF site they say that bourne fed him while he was standing by the net. Whoever wrote it couldn't even describe Dion Knelsen's second goal accurately either saying "he faked right" and "backhanded it past" when the kid scored with his forehand.

Lastly the ADN having Danny Martin (who writes all of UAF's stories for the News-Miner) write UAA's stories is completely unacceptable.

I was gonna write all this up as a post but the whole "media critic" thing already.

I would imagine Backstrom would play tonight regardless of any d-man mistakes last night. I tought the Lovdahl pinch was ill-advised as well.

AllWet said...

"Dear TV production people in FBX..." Thanks Donald, I'm glad it wasn't just the set I was watching. Their camera work and direction weren't too bad. Surly not great, but I've seen worse.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Did You Know?...

That I am more hated than you in the blog world right now?

Anonymous said...

I thought the camrea was crappy because i was watching the game n the internet. I guess i was wrong and it was crappy because it was in a crappy city thanks for clearing that up.

Donald said...

Moi? Hated? How could that possibly be the case?

Vous? Hated? How could that possibly be the case?

ps ... would the familiar "Tu"? have been acceptable rather than the formal?

Runninwiththedogs said...

Tu could have been used in your case. For everyone else, it's VOUS or nothing.

One poster said I needed to be bent over and fucked doggystyle. While that may be the case, I think they meant it in a bad way.

Another blogger (whom I've never heard of) said I had the "dumbest post" he'd ever seen.

Donald said...

They're ALL class over there in Paint Thinner Nation.

I'm looking forward to playing them in two weeks. I imagine I'll be able to elicit a few really negative comments.

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