Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Potpourri

In my recap last night I missed a mention of Josh Lunden. I completely missed the cause as it happened (so I have no commentary) but Josh may have separated his shoulder in the middle of the first period. He went to the locker room (I didn't even see that) didn't return and had his arm in a sling after the game. Josh is a physical player and it takes time for a shoulder to heal so who knows how long that will keep him out of the lineup. The line changes Coach Shyiak made got me thinking about what sorts of combinations might work:
That would keep the #4 together to continue their excellent play. It puts three creative players together on the #1. Charlie and Jay's physical play with Bourne as the finisher might work. But then I also thought:

Freshman defensemen Ryan Berry and Trevor Hunt have shown they can be trusted to play defense by their steadily improved play this season. In addition they should be getting ice time in at this point in some important games for the sake of experience and next year. Mat Robinson's speedy feet and ice sense could prove valuable on a line with two creative players like Paul and Kevin. We've seen Shyiak move forward Nick Lowe back to D and Jared Tuton is a converted defenseman so maybe he's considering something like this? Who knows? With defensive pairings of Smith-Berry, Anderson-Hunt and Beaverson-Backstrom I'd think the blueline would be well enough represented to allow Robbie to move up front and see if he can add something. Just thinking out loud ya know.

Around the rest of the league Wisconsin didn't do itself any favors this weekend with two losses in Colorado Springs. They now sit in 8th place 2 points ahead of UAA though they STILL have two games in hand. Even if UAA sweeps them this weekend they'll have their own fate in their hands. Mankato picked up three points at Michigan Tech putting them in a tie for 6th one point ahead of Wisconsin (the guys with two games in hand). And Duluth continues to look like they really don't want to finish in 10th place. They split at DU and are one point behind UAA. North Dakato has their fate directly in their own hands. That might not be a good thing if their players behavior last week is any indication. Toews and Oshie were cited for underage drinking and Robbie Bina has been charged with some sort of obstructing justice offense when he opened a police car door from 180ft away. Expect some sort of discipline though Hakstol is keeping the matter "internal". Mankato goes up to UND for a pair this coming weekend. Any bets on a penalty-fest? The University of Denver (they call themselves DU?) goes up to Houghton to face MTU. The Gophers and Duluth are resting while Coach Ron Jeremy takes his CC squad to St. Bobville for a pair.

And so after subjecting everyone to that gross picture on the Friday night game recap I figured this joint could use some air freshening.

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Goon said...

Oh yeah its going to be a penatly feast with UND probably getting a few more penalties causing jutting and means to blow a gasket.

I just hope that Campion is the ref this weekend.

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