Friday, February 09, 2007

This One's On Me

Without my complete and total failure this week to find enthusiasm for this series against Wisconsin the Seawolves would have certainly dominated tonight's game. Yup. It's all on me. I didn't spend any time pouring over Bucky's roster and stats. I didn't replay the two Wisconsin games from earlier this year to scout them. I didn't write a preview. Shit ... I didn't even listen to the game live. I waited around for the tape delayed FSN broadcast.

What a fucking horrid mistake that was. Instead of listening to Kurt Haider call the game I sat through Paul Braun's reasonably serviceable play-by-play and legendary Wisconsin goaltending coach Bill Howard's graphically one-sided horseshit color commentary. That guy may be all they say he is in terms of coaching goalies and getting them to improve etc etc etc blah blah blah... but you know what? He's ten times the homer I would be if I was a color guy on TV. I'm surprised Braun did a reasonable job with the play-by-play considering how often he was on his knees blowing "Howie". You'd think that at least once that rusty old shit Howard would add a kind adjective when referring to the Seawolves. But over three periods of hockey nary a positive word came out of his mouth regarding their play. When asked about Olthuis all he could come up with was that he was tall and stayed squared up to shooters. Whenever UAA did anything positive it wasn't because they did something to earn it ... it was because Bucky screwed up. What a dick. When I heard the almost-compliment about Olthuis, I nearly shit my pants.

It all sure reinforced my opinion that Kurt Haider is the most honest and graceful announcer working in the WCHA. Hell even if Doug Woog can't pronounce a name correctly he'll generally find something positive to say about an opposition kid during the game. When Kurt calls a game it is filled with positive adjectives describing other teams players. Please please please let the players watch a replay of the game so they can hear how much of a dick that guy is. Maybe it will motivate them.

My bad entirely. My apologies to Kurt for not listening on the radio. My apologies to the players for being lazy last week and not writing much. My apologies most of all to my fine readers whom I didn't serve well either.

The Game:
Inability to stay out of the box cost the game. The Seawolves did well enough in the first period killing 3 power plays. But 3 penalties in the first 9 minutes of the second turned the tide enough that UAA was never able to gain any sort of momentum as a result. It sure would be nice if Campion does what the dickhead "Howie" said he was going to do and evens it up for the weekend by calling 12 penalties against Wisconsin tomorrow night. Chances of that actually happening? Zero.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we cant finish any higher than 7th now. We need to do good against mankato and duluth to get some momentum heading into the playoffs. i still think this team is capable of making it to the final 5; they just need to get some confidence back

Anonymous said...

What has happened to this team? Implossion? Distraction since Shyiaks job was on the line? Lack of leadership? Whatever it is, it has sure turned ugly.

Anonymous said...

the team is just sputtering at the wrong time but i have faith the guys want it bad and will turn it around this weekend agents mankato and will fight deep in dulth.

LetsGoMavs said...

Donald- are you ready for the Mavericks to invade your arena? I heard Kalinski is going to come and find you to give you a big hug and a kiss!!

Couple of questions for you:
1. Does UAA do an internet video feed of their home games?

2. Are you interested in doing a write up about your team for my blog?

Jeff said...

GCI does a live internet feed of the uaa games. It used to be free, but now i think you have to pay $5 a game.

Donald said...

I didn't really plan to do any of that sort of "preview" this week. The post from a couple of weeks ago titled "Preview for Gopher Rubes" would be my latest assessment of the team. Feel free to copy and paste it into your blog. Nothing much has changed from what I wrote then except Kronschnabel is back and Lunden is out injured.

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