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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

BCHL Langley's Colton Beck to UAA

The current 4th leading goal scorer in the BCHL has committed to UAA for the 2010-2011 season. 5ft 10in 175lb, 18 year old Colton Beck has been added to Heisenberg's list for UAA.

In Colton's first season with Langley (07-08) as a 17 year old, he managed 4 goals and 6 assists in 46 games. So far this season he has netted 33 goals and 24 assists in 53 games for #12 on the BCHL overall scoring chart. Colton turns 19 on June 10th of this year.

Colton is the nephew of former NHL'r Barry Beck (#2 overall in the 77 NHL draft) who started his career with the old Colorado Rockies the 2nd year I started watchng them at McNichols Arena in Denver.

I didn't see it but the way I heard the story, in a preseason game a veteran trying to make his team decided he'd try out the Rockies rookie defenseman's fighting skills. He failed to tie Beck up ... and Beck leveled him with a single punch. Seeing the destruction didn't stop another opponent from squaring up. Beck used the same overhand right to dispatch that guy too. Bubba only went on to score 22 goals that year. Unfortunately for Barry a guy named Mike Bossy began his career the same season otherwise he would have been a shoe-in for the Calder Cup.


superseawolffan said...

Welcome to the UAA Seawolves,Colton Beck. Wear the green and gold with pride. Skate hard, score and hit often and you will be loved by all.

Suze said...

Sounds like a great recruit who will fit in nicely at UAA. Way to go coaching staff!

Welcome Colton! We're excited to have you!

Anonymous said...

He heard we sit our top goal scorers and decided to switch to uaf.

Fairbanks fan

Anonymous said...

At least UAA's freshmen get to play. I bet Finucci is really upset about how he's been sitting in the stands this season for airbanks. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Our top goal scorers are sitting because they aren't scoring.

Anonymous said...

How do you expect your top goal scorers to score if you sit them out, und, minnesota, and wisconsin do not sit their top goal scorers.
St. Cloud are going to smoke us this weekend.


Suze said...

Two scorers sat out ONE game, you are all making way too much of this.

Anonymous said...

Lets see how many top players the coach sits friday, st. cloud has scored 100 goals this year. We need all the help we can get.

Anonymous said...

I imagine we will see our "scorers" in the line up this weekend.

BTW, Eaves DOES sit his players for non-performance. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Have fun with Fairbanks defensive "play not to lose" game plan, Colton. Don't expect to score many goals.

UAF has been shut out of TEN games this year.

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