Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preseason Polls

You know the season is about to start when the absurdly awesome Preseason Polls come out.

I've always found Preseason Polls, and polls in general, to be useless. Mostly because a) they almost always turn out wrong and b) UAA is always picked last... except for this year.

Coaches Poll

Team (first-place votes) Points
1. North Dakota (10) 120
2. St. Cloud State (2) 105
3. Minnesota-Duluth 100
4. Denver 88
5. Minnesota 82
6. Colorado College 67
7. Wisconsin 64
8. Nebraska-Omaha 55
9. Bemidji State 46
10. Minnesota State 31
11. Alaska-Anchorage 19
12. Michigan Tech 15

Media Poll

Team (first-place votes) Points
1. North Dakota (28) 347
2. Minnesota-Duluth 300
3. St. Cloud State (1) 295
4. Denver 242
5. Wisconsin 218
6. Minnesota 203
7. Colorado College 182
8. Bemidji State 156
9. Nebraska-Omaha 125
10. Minnesota State 97
11. Alaska-Anchorage 51
12. Michigan Tech 46

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot is going on in the WCHA? Where's that consistency I've always been wanting in these strange times? I mean we've got BCS schools starting programs, new teams in the conference, college hockey in Nebraska, no icing during a penalty kill?!? And now UAA can't even get picked last?!? Jesus Christ Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!

Well at least they haven't change the spelling of Failure, despite, I'm sure, the hard work of the UAF athletic department.


Anonymous said...

Check out the ADN and Doyle Woody's "glee" in where the Seawolves are expected to finish.

Donald Dunlop said...

In Trail's midweek game, Sam Mellor added a goal and two assists and now has 12 goals and 9 assists for 21 points in 10 games and is tied for the league lead.

On Wolves said...

Can someone tell those clowns as USCHO that there is no "-" in University of Alaska Anchorage. Is it really that difficult?

Suze said...

Will the exhibition game be on the radio? I don't remember that happening in prior years, but then I am usually at the game!

Anonymous said...

The last time they played down there it was on the radio. goseawolves has a link to radiokenai so it looks like it will be broadcast again.

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