Friday, October 01, 2010

Fairbanks is #1?

In Lieu of an actual preview of any sort, I submit tonight's 9-0 victory by UAF over the University of Windsor Lancers.  Nuff said.  Doesn't matter who or what the Lancers are about since the upcoming UAA exhibition against them is nothing more than the first chance for Coach Shyiak to really see what he can do with his extensive lineup.

No doubt every Seawolves player will be eager to hit the ice regardless of the apparent caliber of the opponent.  And who knows?  Maybe Fairbanks is "that good"?  Aren't they some number on that preseason poll thingy that just came out?  But maybe they're better than "that good"? 

Think about it.  What do the eastern-centric sports press know about a hockey team in Alaska?  Zero.  So I bet Fairbanks would actually be #1 in the polls if there wasn't an eastern bias to the college hockey media.

Wow.  So next weekend when the real hockey starts we'll get to see the #1 team in the country (UAF) play the #2 team in the country (UND) at the Sullivan?  Ok then.

If you're listening to tomorrow night's game on the radio and sitting around your computer make sure to stop by here.  I'll have the CoverItLive chat room going.

Best of luck to the team and to each and every guy fighting for a spot in the lineup.  I hope nobody feels safe about their spot in the lineup.


mmf said...

#1 team in the country (UAF) - not even close.

Now if your title is referring to state ranking - again, it's not even close.

Anonymous said...

It's getting really hard to tell the difference between Tommy Grant, and Sean Wiles. Similar height, body build, white cage, hair seeping out their helmets. Even harder to tell them apart when their on the same line, as wingers. The only way I've been able to tell them apart is Wiles is seemingly all over the ice, and Grant is more of a quiet, elusive skater. Hopefully our opposing teams will have this problem and double team both #27 and 16. And, will somebody please get our boy Robbie Gunderson a UAA cage? He's got the pads, now he needs a decked out Green & Gold helmet. Practice looked good yesterday, some good goals scored by the usual suspects.

BBEF said...

How come fairbanks is #1?

Donald Dunlop said...

Because of the well known "ignorance factor" of the eastern centric poll voters. When you plug that into the right equation it makes Fairbanks come out on top of the poll.

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