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Friday, January 27, 2012

Post Game Interviews vs Denver 1-27

The Seawolves are, as Coach Shyiak puts it, in a "tough spell". 6 losses in a row can generally put a damper on things and it seems UAA may just be playing for not finishing in 12th. The Seawolves are not playing terribly. It is a matter of defensive lapses costing goals and not enough scoring punch. The mistakes seem small but in the unforgiving WCHA even small mistakes will be punished. UAA is young team that, to a certain extent, needs to find itself and do some growing. But in this league, it's not easy for team that needs to do it.

Interview tonight with Coach Shyiak.


Suze said...

Here is the press release from the North Stars website about our newest recruit:

puckdangler said...

I am a Seawolf fan. Let that be known to all that care. I have followed this team since I was a kid in the 1980s. Great teams and memories of past seawolf glory, with packed Sullivan arena crowds I still remember to this day.

Flash forward, to current day, not so pretty. Fan base weak, with let another losing streak for the home team. It was a valient effort, and we fought so hard over the years in this league, the 'WCHA', and I am very proud of the effort put forth.

But it is time for a new dawn for the UAA hockey program, one of success, not of frustration and disappointment, but one of victory and happiness for both players and fans alike.

I welcome the new league, and know that Seawolf hockey will thrive, and make some noise in future playoffs..


Anonymous said...

UAA competes very hard, but we simply don't have the kind of high end talent that most other WCHA teams have. And when the other's team's high end talent is also competing hard, UAA usually loses.

I don't want to hear about "defensive lapses". Every team has "defensive lapses" - the difference is when they happen to us, the other team has high end players that make us pay by burying the puck. We were down 5-0 before we even woke up and make a game of it, and the only reason we made a game of it was because Denver took their foot off the gas after going up 5-0. And their goalie hadn't played a game all year.

The bottom line is this - Denver walked in to our house and kicked us around. They scored 10 goals this weekend and you aren't going to win many when the other team goes double digits on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

May be old news but UAA had a recruit de-comit and than he plans on going to UAF. I think that speaks volumes for the state of our program.

AKfan said...

Yeah, like UA_ is doing so well. They are at the bottom of the standings and they can't fill their small barn. *rolls eyes*

UA_ sucks said...

Why not just say who the player was anon? That speaks volumes. The player who decommitted (and it wasn't recently) is Matt Friese. He was given an awesome opportunity by UAA and blew it. He thought he was too good and expected an offer from one of the big WCHA schools. That didn't happen. He had already burned his bridges at UAA so now he is settling for UA_. Not real surprising.

Mike said...

Tough weekend for UAA in the WCHA. Anon 9:01....yeah we just don't have the horsepower the L33t teams have. Still like our hometown boys though. One thing bothers me about college hitting anymore. Big hit results in the sin bin or most likely the gate and a 5 now days. Sad.....

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