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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Post Game Interviews vs Denver 1-28

The Seawolves lose tonight to Denver 6-3. The Seawolves suffered what is becoming an all too familiar start giving up 4 goals in the first period and one in the second to go down 5-0. The Seawolves came back and made a game of it by scoring three straight goals to make it 5-3 with Naslund, Sproule, and Gellert scoring. But a late 5 minute major by Brad Gorham knocked off any chance of a comeback and DU added a PP empty netter.

7 straight losses will not do anything positive to the psyche. The Seawolves are a desperate, young team in dire of a win but, wins do not come easy at this level. The team is not playing terribly overall but, like I said last night, momentary lapses can kill you. The question remaining is whether the players can step up and gut out some points.


Anonymous said...

Time to acknowledge that the fans have spoken by not attending the games, recruits have spoken by de committing, players have spoken by quitting or going ineleigible. The Shyiak program is a disaster and it is time for Cobb to speak by making a change. Yes the players deserve everyone's support but at seasons end there needs to be a coaching's time.

Al said...

It is sometimes easier to post anonymously when the post is not negative or inflammatory.
If you want to be negative or inflammatory it's OK with me. Just be man/woman enough to own up and put your ID with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Al...reality is the above post is right on target. Accept the facts, at the present the program is in bad shape. Deal with it!!

Mike said...

Who de-committed? I guess I lost track. Players go ineligible on purpose? I have a hard time buying that one. Is the program in bad shape? At present it would be best to say it is not in great shape. The best thing for UAA is the future league. We'll see where we are at in a few years time.

Anonymous said...

Anon is talking about Matt Friese, who decommitted over a year ago. Matt said publickly he wanted to play "outside" in juniors, so he went to the USHL. He also said he wanted a scholarship to play "outside" in college, in the WCHA. Those offers never came as he expected them to so he went to UA_ after he burned his bridges at UAA. Not big news people.

Everyone is calling for Shyiaks head because he hasn't done much in 7 years. Let me ask you this: What did Hill do? What did Tally do? What did Brush do in the WCHA years? Not much. It's not the coach that needs to go, it's Cobb. He doesn't give the coaches what they need to succeed. He is not into hockey and we need an AD that is.

Bossman said...

I think last year turned out pretty good. We have just not put it together yet this year. I have a funny feeling our boys will be peaking at the right time this year again and nobodys gonna want to play the Seawolves in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

So I guess for most folks, "status quo" is what they are content with. So sad, 7 years of Shyiak and we are no better than when he arrived. What should we do?

Al said...

Anonymous 12:44
Reread my post. Maybe this time you'll get it. And then again with that mentality maybe not. Deal with it.

Donald Dunlop said...

Anon @ 904:
What you should do is recognize the reality of ALL college sports and particularly college hockey. Know how many different schools have been national champions in college hockey over the last 50 years? That should indicate to you how the schools who "have" are enabled to continue to "have" year after year.

Professional sports have drafts to offset the sort of potential hegemony which is one way in which they differ. You might draw a parallel between free agents in professional sports and recruits in college sports. They're quite similar. Coaches in pros can pay the price to get the free agent they want. Coaches in college sports can only offer up a schollie to their particular school.

All that should make it obvious that schools like UAA (and 30+ other NCAA hockey programs) have only a rare opportunity for the same sort of success as teams that have a long tradition of national championships like DU and UND or teams that represent megaschools like Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan.

So as a fan of UAA hockey ... if that's what you are. Then it's incumbent upon you to understand that what you are supporting at UAA are student/athletes giving their all on the ice in exchange for an education at UAA. Let's be honest. You've got a choice between Harvard, DU and UAA to play hockey; whatcha gonna choose?

Getting my point? Adjust your perspective. Support your team. Quit moaning about not winning. It isn't professional sports.

Al said...

Right on!
I wonder if Doyle will see your 10:41 and if he does will give it a little thought?

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