Saturday, September 27, 2014

Charlie Sokaitis Interviews Matt Thomas

In case you didn't see it … This interview was on Sunday Sept. 21st on Charlie Sokaitis' "The Show" from KTUU TV.  I spent about an hour trying to figure out how/where to add a "time" parameter to this code (I could do it for other YouTube or Flash players but not this one) which makes this video on this page.  I was unsuccessful sooooo … in order to skip to the portion of the video where the interview begins; go to 17:35.

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It's a typical preseason interview and Coach Thomas sounds pretty positive about the upcoming season.


Anonymous said...

I never thought that blubbering idiot (Gandy with the save, IT'S PRONOUNCED GUNDY YOU DIPSHIT, for example if anybody doesn't know) would be displayed on your blog, but beggars can't bee choosers I guess.

Ooh yeah, pretty nice interview btw. I'm definitely more pumped now. How nice would it bee if Austin Azurdia became a mix of Kevin Clark and Blake Tatchell?

Any thoughts on captains this year?

Alaska Fan said...

Always have enjoyed Charlie's show. Too bad it's history.
Couldn't have two better guys wearing the C this year. Both leaders and both class acts.
It's a great day to be a Seawolf!

Donald Dunlop said...

I guess the trend nowadays is to have multiple "C"s … noticed it for a couple of years from various teams. Seems like back in the olden days there was one guy with a "C" and one guy with an "A".

I suppose there are advantages and disadvantages. I suppose sometimes one guy with a C would feel the pressure of leadership and maybe lose something in terms of his play on the ice?

Six of one half dozen of the other in the end I guess.

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