Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Pick-A-Seat" On Thursday - Don't Forget

Mother of a 11 year old to son: "Are you going to the movies?"
11 year old: "Wut"
Mother: "I asked if you are going to the movies ..."
11 year old: "No.  Why are you asking that?"
Mother: "Because I see you're picking your seat already."
Son immediately stops scratching his butt.

Sorry, I can't help but have that visual for the phrase "Picking Your Seat".  Thank goodness that UAA's Athletic Department called Thursday's event "Pick-A-Seat" instead. 

From 11am to 3pm on Thursday (day after tomorrow) the 18th at Sullivan Arena UAA Athletics is hosting the Pick-A-Seat event. Whether you've already purchased your season tickets or purchase them on Thursday you are invited to attend this event and pick the seat you want; and get a complimentary lunch. You're also encouraged to bring a guest so they can learn more about Seawolf Hockey.

So don't forget.  Always remember, you can pick your own seat ... but never pick a friend's seat.  Same thing with noses.  

For more information call the UAA Ticket Office @ 786-1652.


vizoroo said...

Yes, you're back. :-}

donald dunlop said...

I missed doing images searches like "kid picking his butt" and "kid picking another kid's butt" ...

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