Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pictures Of The 2014-15 Seawolves Rookies

Here's your 2014-15 Rookie pictures:  It's a group of good looking young men.  The interesting side note for me is that of all 9 guys none of their last names are in the 2nd half of the alphabet.  Hopefully that means something good.

Austin Azurdia: #11
6ft 189lbs
Wenatchee, Washington
Langley Rivermen (BCHL)
105 career junior games
35 goals, 42 assists, 104 penalty minutes

Scored a "famous" goal for Langley vs. Prince George ... You can see a recap here

Matt Anholt: #17
5ft 10in 199lbs
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
West Kelowna Warriors (BCHL)
114 career junior games
26 goals, 53 assists, 76 penalty minutes

Here's a nice write-up on Matt's charity efforts as Kelowna's Captain.

Jarrett Brown: #6
5ft 11in 191lbs
Beaumont, Alberta
Cowichan Valley Capitals (BCHL)
114 career junior games
15 goals, 37 assists, 47 penalty minutes

Here's a sweet blast from the point in OT for a game winner.

Anthony Conti: #15
6ft 3in 207lbs
Vancouver, B.C.
Surrey Eagles (BCHL)
72 career junior games
16 goals, 27 assists, 43 penalty minutes

Here's some highlights including Anthony.

Jared D'Amico: #35
5ft 9in 158lbs
Cochrane, Alberta
Okotoks Oilers (AJHL)
101 career junior games
.916 career save percentage

This is a compilation of his saves.

Tanner Johnson: #4
6ft 1in 199lbs
Castlegar, B.C.
Langley Rivermen (BCHL)
85 career junior games
5 goals, 19 assists, 44 penalty minutes

Tad Kozun: #21
5ft 11in 167lbs
Nipawin, Saskatchewan 
Nipawin Hawks (SJHL)
147 career junior games
79 goals, 68 assists, 197 penalty minutes

An extended interview talking about playing in the SJHL.

Olivier Mantha: #33
6ft 1in 182lbs
La Tuque, Quebec
Penticton Vees (BCHL), College LaFleche Dragons (QCHL)
103 career junior games
.902 career save percentage

Here's a good article written by Olivier about road trips.

Good luck to all these guys.  Here's hoping you're all veterans by January.


Anonymous said...

Fairly decent in the size department, nice to see some smaller guys on the team. I'd love to see our team develop into a slightly smaller, but hungrier team. Kinda makes me think he is recruiting players just like him, small but aggressive, rely more on their hockey sense than their size. I love it. And that seems more to our advantage playing on Olympic ice. I just hope we don't develop into the Montreal Canadians (not just because I'm a Bruins fan), but they have a bazillion small guys with a sprinkling of guys with size. They rely way too much on skill, which makes them inconsistent. But that's just my opinion on looking at one recruiting class. Everybody loves a underdog, plus it beats Shyiak's approach of getting huge guys that are just huge....

Man, when do we drop the puck already!?!

Alaska Al said...

Goalies are a different breed.
Just look at the above ties.
Glad to have him competing for net time with us.
How's his first name pronounced?

Alaska Al said...

Wonder what quirks Jared has in store for us?
Along with Matyas it should be a real interesting goalie competition.

donald dunlop said...

Oh-liv-e-A as in the actor Sir Lawrence Olivier. He's old school rocking that gold tie ... it's an interesting choice that perhaps speaks of personal confidence? Nice ..

Alaska Al said...

Good goalies are always confident or they don't make good goalies.
I get the distinct feeling all 3 of these young men have self confidence.
Having a real goalie coach will only improve them.
Steve is now also listed as Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Suze said...

Thanks DD for the interviews and clips. We are SO ready for hockey, it won't be long now. Too bad you won't be here to see any games!

donald dunlop said...

I arrive in Anchorage Monday night before 8pm.

Suze said...

Are you moving back to Anchorage, DD?

Donald Dunlop said...

Yes I am Suze. Hope to see you sooner versus later.

Suze said...

DD, our seats are the same, just on the other side of the ice now.

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