Friday, September 05, 2014

Latest Athletic Department Presser

Keith Hackett hosted a press conference a couple of days ago to talk about Dr. Cobb and his contributions to the opening of the Alaska Airlines Center.  He correctly credits Steve Cobb for his efforts to bring the new center to fruition.  

In terms of hockey there's some benefit in the new center even though it's not a home for the team. The training opportunities are available and with all the other sports moving out of the Wells Fargo there'll be lots of room for the hockey team.


Anonymous said...

True, and the hockey coaches have a brand new redesigned office at Wells Fargo. It's pretty nice, it's much better looking than all the other sports teams offices, big windows, clean, and sharp looking. Don't know if anybody else has noticed this.

Anonymous said...

I heard the hockey coaches have offices in both the Farg and the AAC. Although there isn't hockey in the new arena, the players will still benefit a lot from it.

Donald Dunlop said...

Good to hear.


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