Monday, April 10, 2006

BCHL Championship: Game 1 To Burnaby

Monday night, Paul Crowder provided an assist on an empty net goal that sealed a 4-2 win for Burnaby in game 1 of their 7 game series for the Fred Page Cup (not to be confused with the other Fred Page Cup. I'd 'splain it but lets just say in Canada the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing ... oh wait that's true in any heavily centralized federal republic that doesn't have a clue as to it's distant states/provinces needs ... Alaska and BC should secede from their respective nations and form a new country ... the new country could be called ABC ... I know I know ... Alberta would be jealous and constantly begging to join up but then what would we do?? call the new country ABA?? I doesn't think so besides Alberta could join up with Manitoba and Saskatchewan and call themselves MASK).

Burnaby cashed in on an early power play opportunity in the first period; then midway through the period built it's lead to 2. Penticton tied the game just :49 seconds into the third period after getting the only goal of the second period at 6:48. At 12:27 of the third Burnaby scored the game winner. Paul picked up an assist on the ENG at 19:17. So who scored the other goals and what's the other teams name again? Who cares? They ain't coming to UAA. If you absolutely must know then you could look at the boxscore which is exactly where I got all the above information (except the secessionist talk of course).

Game 2 is Tuesday night in Penticton.

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