Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What's in Store for the Summer?

I don't expect to post nearly as often during the off-season but I'm sure I'll find little snippets here and there to share. Since that is likely though to be intermittent at best; I also plan to have the following posts between now and the beginning of the 06-07 season:

Final Recruit Wrap-Up:
I'll detail all the incoming recruits with a feature on each player's statistics, accomplishments and what-not.

Summer Interview Series:
Summer will give me enough time to finally carry through with some one-on-one interviews. With whom? Check back for specifics when I've finalized it but I'm planning on a four-part series at this point.

College Hockey Website Review:
I've had it in my mind for some time to do a comprehensive review/rating of the three main sources of D-1 Hockey information on the web; USCHO, INCH and CHN. I made some notes when the idea occurred to me and it looks like a fairly big project requiring organization and research so my main hope is to have it completed by September.

If you've got a killer idea or anything to share about UAA Hockey let me know by posting your comments and/or sending me an email.

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