Monday, April 17, 2006

Kevin Clark "punked" by MJHL

The Manitoba Junior Hockey League announced it's league awards this past Saturday evening at its banquet. Kevin Clark was one of three nominees for MVP. The award instead went to Tyler Czuba (3rd league-wide in points; first in goals). Kevin wasn't nominated for any other awards. Clearly, he is the most dynamic player in the league. From everything I've read he seems to be the heart and soul of the South Blues and didn't they just win the league championship? It's a shame that the league punked him like that. Sure other players had nice seasons and yeah ... they deserved to get awards too. But it's sad that one of the most dynamic players that league has seen in quite some time was hosed.

Hopefully the Blues rest will serve them well going into their next playoff series for the Avanet Cup vs. the Yorkton Terriers. That series starts on the 21st and Kevin will have a chance to once again show his quality. I'll have updates as it progresses.


Anonymous said...

I assume one of the reasons why Clark was not given the MVP is because of his high penalty minutes. Just think how many more goals he could be scoring if he were to stay out of the penalty box! He had 20 minutes alone in the last game (one a 10 minute).

Donald said...

I was mostly being facetious. Nobody (other than me) thinks penalty minutes is a good thing and that is probably exactly what kept him from the award (that and the fact that the other kids nominated did have good numbers). I'm going with the theory that Clark will understand that all those chippy penalties will have to stay in Canada when he comes to UAA. I won't care if he leads UAA in penalty minutes as long as he puts pucks in the net or assists others with same. Hell he could put up 120 penalty minutes next year if he can bag 20 goals. But lotsa penalty minutes with 5 or 6 goals just ain't gonna fly.

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