Thursday, April 20, 2006

Central Scouting Service: Erik Felde Listed

The NHL released it's 2006 Final Rankings of it's Central Scouting Service today and Erik Felde was listed. The top 210 North American players as defined by CSS are provided to the NHL and can generally be looked upon as an early prediciton of draft position. In the 2006 CSS Midterm Rankings Erik was listed at #153.

In today's CSS Final Rankings he moved up 30 places to #123 which would project him as an early 5th round choice. My casual analysis doesn't lead to any earth shattering conclusions about this information. Erik had an awesome season and even though he's only 5'9" he moved up substantially (but not dramatically) in a couple of months in the eyes of the scouts. No doubt his performance as the Player of the Game for the West Team in the CJAHL Prospects Game had some sort of impact as well.

It is worth noting that Erik was one of only three BCHL players of draft age that made the list; it's also worth noting that both of the other guys were 6'1" and 6'4" respectively. Does this mean that Erik has "mad skills"? We'll see. I'm still wondering if he's going to play defense or forward at UAA.

Kevin Clark and Ken Selby had been listed on the Midterm "Players to Watch" list but were absent from the Final Rankings.


Anonymous said...

Dalton Spicer was a stand out defencemen at the camp the past weekend in July. H's not very big but it will come but he has good hands for a defencemen.

Anonymous said...

Spicer out of Grand Forks Nd was a kid to watch at the Select 15 festival. Great hands but not so big yet.

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