Sunday, March 04, 2007

End Of Season Potpourri

Things at the top of the league shook out as expected with Minnesota locking up the McNaughton trophy Friday night over MTU. The Gophers and La Huskie des St. Cloud both took the night off on Saturday. In Bobtown they honored Goepfert for Senior night by giving him the start and pulling him at the first stoppage (apparently to both give him a break before the playoffs and to get Weslosky a game). It worked out real well for UND. They climbed right into third on the strength of that coaching move. The Gophers dinked around at the John too but they'll be glad to have the crappy game over with for this week's practice before the playoffs. It'll mean that they won't be giving anything away next weekend against UAA. Both teams in the DU/CC series actually gave it a real effort but CC's 3 points wrapped up the coveted last WCHA home ice playoff spot. The Duluth/Wisconsin series was a snoozer. I don't think it was either of their first 0-0 ties of the year.

There's some potentially very revealing information on this week's Mike Check column over at INCH. Eidelbes theorizes that Bemidji St.'s "WCHA must save us" refrain coming from University President Jon Quistgaard is really just a smoke screen so they can blame the WCHA instead of taking responsibility for their own program. I mention the piece because it's a fairly gutsy thing for Eidelbes to assert. You be the judge.

UAF manufactured a nice little upset by defeating Western Michigan in the first round of the CCHA playoffs. It took a third game today but congrats. It was an 11th place vs. 6th place first round game and now UAF will face 3rd seeded Miami in the next round.

MeanEgirl and crew went to the John this past weekend. They got crapped on by some Gopher fans and captured some video to remember the moments. In this first one we see a pint-sized loudmouth drunken monkey and his girlfriends. In the second one we see the same idiots missing out on their spelling lesson in order to start the physical harassment. And in the third one we see skinny little bitch boy and his drunken girlfriends at the height of their misdeeds. These guys were all shown the door. Apparently, they'll be standing tall in front of the Athletic Director if they want to get back into the arena; but since Alchohol + Hockey at the UofM are synergistic I'm sure those twerps will be in the Gopher student section next weekend.

If the Seawolves win the next 5 games in a row they'll get into the NCAA's. And that's all I'm going to say about that.


Runninwiththedogs said...

tUMD has had a 0-0 tie (against Tech), but Wisconsin had not had one since you were a young man (1931).

Goon said...

What class the Gopher fans, I bet the moron that is in the video is now wondering how he can repair his image, him and his fowl mouthed buddies.

Jimjamesak said...

No I bet he's going "Dude! Awesome! Get me a beer!"

Anonymous said...

Real classless fans. They aren't even there to watch the game. What a joke.

Jeff said...

YEAH!! We're gonna win 5 in a row!!!

Donald said...

My aversion for fact checking doomed me in the accounting biz. My aged and decrepit physical state aside.

That little bitch is running around his dorm or frat house or mother's basement right now (with his undifferentiated genitalia) texting his embellished version of the story to every other bored suburban disaffected shit-talking wannabe-punk ass BOY he knows.

Jeff said...

Dont worry. The goph's will probably get upset in the nacaa tourney again; just like last year. And it will be funny cause their fans are bastards and don't deserve another championship.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and every other arena is teetotaling, church choir which never so much as gives opposing fans a hostile look.

What a joke you are Donny. I realize at your arena which is always less than half full, opposing fans can sit anywhere and not have to worry about bad apples, that is easy to accomplish with more than three thousand empty seats. With the waiting list for Minnesota season tickets, I doubt those morons will be back.

However pathetic those drunken dopes were, at least there not on the internet talking about undifferentiated genitalia like a limp-wrist tough guy. Be careful you don't rip your dress before goon sees how pretty you look.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 5:01 am - go away John Hill.

Goon said...

Donald LOL, I wonder what his blood alcohol level was.

Looks like MEG has a career as an investigative reporter.

In today's age of the interntet and YouTube, that might come back to haunt him.

Donald said...

anonny @ 5:01:
Where did I say anything about ANY other arena? I've double checked and it's pretty clear that indeed, I did NOT say ANYTHING about any other arena. Know why? Because I was talking about something that happened at the Mariucci. I wasn't talking about something that happened at the DECC or Ralph or Magness or World Arena or any other WCHA rink. I was talking about the Mariucci.

I didn't overly editorialize the situation except to deduce from that skinny little punks mannerisms that he is likely still pumping himself up with stories about trying to take a video camera away from a 5'1" girl.

The reality of the event is there for anyone to see. I didn't have to jazz it up.

I'm scratching my head to understand the mindset of a human being that would come onto this big series of tubes and defend the actions of an obviously drunken twerp. And the only thing I can come up with is that you must be related somehow. Good luck with your connection to that shallow gene pool. Of course the other possibility is that you're someone who was offended because of my undifferentiated genitalia comment. If that's the case, then my apology is required. You hermaphrodites are people too.

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