Saturday, March 10, 2007

Seawolves Force Game 3

Bonus. The Seawolves outplay the Gophers and get to come back tomorrow and play again instead of sitting on a plane tonight. I couldn't be any more pleasantly surprised than I am right now. After the Friday game I certainly didn't have much to say and hence didn't write. I figured the next post would be on Sunday morning when I wrapped up the weekend and the season. But this group of kids definitely had something else in mind tonight. Congratulations to them for the tremendous effort. That was a great third period (even if Doug and Frank missed most of it with all their mumbled prattling-on about minutia) and of course a great effort in the OT.

The penalty killing in the third period has as much to do with that win as anything else in the game. Back to back penalties at 9:46 and 12:23 could have been devastating for the Seawolves. But they did the necessary work to keep the score 1-0. Hat's off to Tassone, Lowe Kronschnabel and Beagle in that stretch ... who's penalty killing was all excellent. I think it was the turning point of the game. The first penalty was on Lunden and the second on Clark. But both guys would get redemption combining for the game tying goal at 16:25. The Seawolves never gave up the momentum either. They denied the puck to the Gophers in all three zones whenever possible and challenged for everything. It was a great team effort that happened because every player on the bench put out the necessary individual effort. The team should be nothing other than confident going into tomorrows game. I loved Josh Lunden's answer to the LaP wannabe that asked him what the game plan for OT would be ... "Win the Game ... eh?" I thought Charlie showed some good attitude during his post game interview as well.

Now onto the media criticism. On Friday night Wooger blamed Jon Olthuis for UAA's loss. I have no idea what he was watching. Jonny O had one bad moment where it looked like maybe he caught an edge moving left to right and then rest of the night Woog dissed him. I guess he thinks there are goalies in the league that could have stopped that Barriball snap shot to put the Gopher up 4-2? None of Minnesota's goals could be blamed on Olthuis. And Woog dissing him that stiffly was uncalled for and lazy color commentary. Then later Frank called UAA the Seapuppies? Fuck you Frank. Would you call UMD the Bullpups on the air? Would you call UND the Susies? Would you call MSUM the Landcows? No you wouldn't.

Also thank you to the genius at FSN who came up with the blatantly homer question of "Who's the only Seawolf coach to ever win a playoff game?". I'm drowning in the irony of that question making it to the TV screen in the third period. And lastly of course congratulations to Coach Shyiak on getting his FIRST playoff win.

Friday there was some "give-up" on the Seawolves bench. The two quick goals were tough on the squad and they never managed to get their hearts back into the game. There was no "give-up" on Saturday night and as I said I think the back to back penalty kills was the difference.


Suze said...

Great wrap up Donald. I have openly been a critic of Lawson, not because I dislike him but because he is capable of SO much more than he gave us. Tonight he played his best game in 2 years and is also a BIG part of the win.

I got a kick out if Hill during the post game interview. They asked him about Lawson, and he said "we know he's very good. It was our staff that recruited him".

OUR staff? That was an odd thing to say, sounded like he was still a Seawolf at heart.

Congrats Seawolves! I am so happy for you guys - a very deserved win. Congrats to the coaches as well.

Let's hope the AR doesn't get involved in the game tomorrow.

Donald said...

What John Hill has to say about anything doesn't really interest me much.

Jeff said...

it was good to see Lundo have an impact coming off his injury. Great timing. I bet that interviewer fealt like a dumbass after Lundo answered his "what is the plan for O.T" question. Hopefully the team isnt tuckered out after tonight. good job Seawolves.

Donald said...

Josh gave him the "what kind of stupid question is that" look ... it was superbly appropriate.

Jimjamesak said...

Yeah Hill was ****ing hilarious during the post-game. "My staff recruited him!" "I've seen him do it before!". Haha, what a douche.

Maybe this whole Tom Cruise, Scientology thing could work after all eh?

Donald said...

It's worth a shot JJ.

neil said...

Can you guys help me out?? Do you know of any sites/programs I can get to watch the game tomorrow over the internet??? I looked all damn day today and couldn't get it (I am in Canada so...). Any help would be appreciated, gotta watch my boY!

neil said...

(and yes, I know the site has it, but as far as I can tell you gotta pay, so that's plan B...)

Anonymous said...

hey i live in wisconsin and gci web feed was forced to blocked me so i listined to the game but fuck fsn north and fuck me for not driving to the game like i wanted to.

Anonymous said...

1. Game is available at

2. Refereeing is unbelievable. Two nights in a row the Seawolves get hooped by strange non-calls.

3. Gotta love a hot goalie in the playoffs. Nate kept 'em in the game and we looked like the stronger team in the last half of the third and OT.

4. Thanks for the wrap up. Am I incorrect in saying the ADN has not one word (on the website, anyway) about this win? What's up with that?

5. So, what's the game plan for tonight, Josh?

akguy2004 said...

you can try and put in 99508 as the area code to say your in alaska. I dont know if it will work, but is a good try. Also, there was an article about the win, you just read the ADN too soon

Anonymous said...

great job seawolves!

i've been a huge critic of the ref job the second half of the season on gopher home ice. it 'appears' the only way they can win is when they are on a power play and that is only achieved through bad calls on the ice. just ask the maverics..the sioux..etc etc etc

alas the superior team wins regardless of the bad calls. it was a great win.

sorry i'm still a sioux fan but i did catch the OT and it was brilliant effort!

Suze said...

I hope Mason tells that homer linesman not to call one thing tonight. His 3 calls against UAA were questionable (Mason was right there) and his non call when Mason was on his back was just unreal. Even Woog kept mentioning it, both after the play and when the team came back out after the break for the OT. They showed it several times. That AR was looking RIGHT at it.

Neil, send me an email, you can get it from the USCHO.

Neil said...

Suze, can't find yer email,, if you could help me out I would be forever in your debt! Thanks AKGuy, I will try that too. That's for the quick help folks!

Runninwiththedogs said...

You should hear what they said about Kevin Clark on the radio. They called him an actor and said he faked a spearing to try to draw a penalty.

Donald said...

Clark showed he was the best player on the ice all weekend. Funny that the Gopher radio guys are jealous though. LOL.

Anonymous said...

They also said Clark was speared. Frank and Doug were very verbal about some of the penalties that were not called against Minnesota. The AR was a joke. He called a total of 5 penalties on UAA over the 3 games, and NONE on the Gophers. That is a homer.

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