Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WCHA All-Conference Predictions

There is always lots of chatter on this big series of tubes prior to the official announcement of the leagues All-Conference teams. Why not have my say? I mean ... it is why I started the blog. So ... here's what I say:
1st Team:
Ryan Duncan
Mason Raymond
Andrew Gordon
Alex Goligoski
Steve Wagner
Bobby Goepfert

2nd Team:
Travis Morin
Andreas Nodl
T.J. Oshie
Mike Vannelli
Matt Niskanen
Brian Elliot

3rd Team:
Ryan Dingle
Kyle Okposo
Jonathan Toews
Chris Butler
Lee Sweatt
Matt Zaba

Rookie Team:
Andreas Nodl
Brock Trotter
Kyle Okposo
Erik Johnson
Jamie McBain
Alex Stalock

WCHA Coach of The Year: Jamie Russell
WCHA Player of The Year: Bobby Goepfert
WCHA Defensive Player of the Year: Alex Goligoski
WCHA Rookie of the Year: Andreas Nodl
My Honorable Mentions: Rakhshani, Ruegsegger, Wheeler, Bourne, Kilpatrick, Lasch, Barriball, Crowder, Sweatt, Chorney, Meyers, Anderson, Bina, Connelly and last but not least ... one half an honorable mention each to Fisher and Mannino.

Lemme know who you think I missed and/or why you think they should be on the list.


Runninwiththedogs said...

You picked Jamie Russell because you couldn't stand to write Motzko in, didn't you?

Donald said...

No. I picked Russell over Motzko because Jamie has done more with less and because Bobby Goepfert is more responsible for the Huskies record than Motzko is. In other words, Bob is riding Bobbies coattails.

Anonymous said...

Teslak is a sophmore this year dude, next goalie please. Stalock or Othius are the only two I can think of.

Goon said...

You don't have enough Sioux players on the first team. LOL.
I was wondering if you quit posting.

Here hoping the UAA seawolves Holy Cross the Cocky Gophers this weekend. The league would be having kittens.

Donald said...

Teslak a soph? Yikes ... that was a dumb pick. I'll change it.

Anonymous said...

its ok donald we all make mistakes. I will forgive you for choosing a sophmore for the all rookie team.

Donald said...

Nobody bitched about Zaba on the 3rd team. That surprises me.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Damn it... you guys were hangin' in tonight for awhile. I wanted you to steal the game tonight, too!

Anonymous said...

They did it, wooo hooo!! Go Wolves!!


Anonymous said...

we win we win woot woot

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