Sunday, March 11, 2007

UAA's Season Done

First things first. This will be my last post until the beginning of August. This blog and all that it takes to keep it halfway decent takes a fair bit of time. If I were organized etc ... then it might not be an issue but since I'm not; I'm going to take the summer off so that I can focus on some non-hockey and personal things. There'll be some news here and there between now and then but I won't be posting any of it here. Check the Seawolves website, USCHO and the ADN for any news.

Congratulations to the Seawolves on finishing the season with pride and effort. They played some good hockey but in the end the Gophers had more legs in the third period. The stretches of zone dominance we saw all weekend from the Seawolves were fewer as tonights game wore on. It was however a real nice showing from the team and each player can be proud of their efforts. I'm proud. Best of luck again to all the seniors that played their last games this weekend. You guys are all "The Shit" in my book and I'm honestly sorry to see each one of you go. I think we've all got to be pretty optimistic about next season. The seasoning that UAA's freshman class got this year should pay lots of dividends next year. Congrats to the staff on a job well done also. Now go get us a couple of "blue-chippahs" for 08-09.

I wouldn't change being a Seawolf fan for any other team. If 5 national championships means a half empty arena and tons of rube-like bandwagon fans moaning about how crappy their 28-9-3 team is then give me the basement every year. Few Gopher fans appear to really appreciate their team. They withstood a Herculian effort from a pretty decent young hockey team this weekend. They deserved the win. The least you'd expect is more than 2 people on this big series of tubes to say something nice about the Seawolves. Instead, it's the usual "we sucked" excuse for having close games from most of them. Minnesota ... State of Hockey? That's a laugh. Hockey fans have class and that characteristic is missing from TOO MANY of that state's residents to earn the nickname. They don't deserve the 6th National Championship that their team is likely to win this season. But what else should we expect from the Dallas Cowboys of Divison 1 hockey?

I'm happy to not have to listen to MazzaTaco again this season. His disgusting condescending bullshit use of "seapuppies" has earned him my permanent ire. I promise that if I ever have the opportunity, that I'll confront the prick about it. He's an embarassment to the profession and a useful example of the ignorance of so many Gopher fans. So Frank ... Fuck you again ... you petty little bitch. And don't bother commenting here that Frank was somehow using the term affectionately. He wasn't.

So that's that for me this season. Enjoy the offseason. I plan to. Check back after August 1st.


Jeff said...

i hope the goph's lose in an early round again. I will laugh my ass off

Donald said...

Even without Tyler Hirsch the Gophers are still probably the best team in the country. St. Bob fans would argue but then again there's some St. Bob fans that would argue about anything.

I fully expect them to win it all.

Anonymous said...

donald Thank you for the blog all season long, thanks for letting me write one for you and enjoy your summer sir.

444 said...


Please keep us informed of the coaching situation then take the Summer off.

State of Hockey?

In our defense in the last five days the Twin Cities has seen a total of 26 hockey games in Mariucci and Xcel Energy Center. I know it is hard to believe but people can get a little "hockeyed" out.

Good luck to the Seawolves and Donald thanks for the entertaining blog.

Anonymous said...

donald come on pal. they squeaked out against the seawolves, everyone underestimates this team, they were one goal short of going to the final five and knocking off the 1st place team. that hasnt happened in 20 years. hats off to all the seawolves. clark played a hell of a series and was consistent all weekend. rookie of the week i think.

Runninwiththedogs said...

I wish it had turned out differently, for both of us. I'll be blogging over the summer, so don't be a stranger.

Donald said...

Gopher fans didn't show up for two reasons. 1st - it's spring break so the students are gone. 2nd - because the Gophers are playing the 10th place team.

Why show up when the outcome isn't a question? Most Gopher fans figured there was NO WAY that UAA would even win a game much less actually challenge them and force a 3rd game. At least the Gopher players gained some respect for the Seawolves this weekend.

No doubt the corpies and bandwagon fans drive the true Gopher faithful crazy. It's just a shame so few of the true faithful actually call the insipid ones out for their poor showing and ignorant crap they spew.

And as to any updates. Even if it's something important I plan not to post. I honestly need a break.

Donald said...

I didn't mean to imply anywhere that the Seawolves didn't play awesome and/or come close to a real nice upset.

I'll be reading stuff. I'm just going to be disciplined about NOT writing stuff. I'll check the email.

Donald said...

And oh yeah ...

I said it in a comment a couple of hours ago on the previous post but I'll say it again ...

Kevin Clark was THE BEST player on the ice all weekend.

Jeff said...

Clark's hit on Okposo was priceless. Did you see the look on his face after he did that? He was laughing his ass off.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jeff? Did you see Okposo whack Clark in the head with his stick over the photo booth after Carman scored the winner? Clark's hit on Okposo was a blatant elbow. I'm glad he's more happy with his own accomplishments than with the outcome for his team.

Clark is a cheap hockey player and was certainly not UAA's best player this weekend. Perhaps he would be if he concentrated on hockey instead of running his mouth.

And as for Donald's comments about Frank Mazzacco. Frank is not only one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, but a classy announcer who would never say anything bad about an opposing team intentionally.

Have a nice summer. Hopefully your prick of a coach still has a job when you come back. Yep, he's the first coach who has ever suffered a tough loss. Get over it. At least have the decency to speak with the media after the game instead of running and hiding on your team bus.

Anonymous said...

I am a gopher fan who enjoyed reading your blog earlier this year, but I am now turned off by your bitterness.

I hope the summer gives you a fresh perspective and that you can enjoy the beauty of the game next year instead of getting so worked up over how you subjectively choose to perceive another program and its fans.

Who are the rube-like bandwagon fans you speak of?

How would you know if only a few Gopher fans appreciate their team? How many of the tens of thousands of them have you spoken with?

Along those lines, how many of the state's 4 million residents have you been able to query about their classiness?

...And apparently you are willing to expect more from Minnesota Hockey fans than this classless blog entry of yours. Thank you for putting us on a pedestal that you yourself chose to shun.

By the way, your somebody who writes as though he is a source of infinite WCHA knowledge, Your ignorance regarding Frank is startling.

Okay, I am ow climbing back out of your gutter. Mellow out!

rr said...

Hey Donald,

Does Lawson always fire pucks into the stands at unaware spectators during warm ups?

Anonymous said...

Frank really irked me as well. He also called UAA the SeaHawks at least once each night. He also continually got the players mixed up, Kurt Hiader at least bones up on the opponent and knows their names. I'd take his knowledge any day over Franks.

Donald said...

Anon @ 539:
Frank is a nice guy? LOL. Frank is a guy that is on TV making blatantly disparaging remarks. Calling the Seawolves "seapuppies" is directly akin to calling the Sioux "susies". So answer this ...

Would you defend Frank if he let a couple of "susie" comments slip out? No you wouldn't. Thanks for playing. Sorry there's no parting gifts.

Donald said...

l'll keep it simple.

He gets paid to say stuff on TV. It's his PROFESSION. I don't get paid to write anything. It's my HOBBY.

It is incumbent on him to act professionally and avoid using phrases like "seapuppies". I have no such requirements since this blog is purely at my leisure; so if I want to be a classless jerk, I can be.

And comparing me to the gopher fans I railed about is specious. I've made more than a few complimentary comments about the gophers over time often calling them the best team in college hockey. The gopher fans I speak of are the people that frequent this big series of tubes sharing their views. Go read them.

And never forget something ... this is the UAA Hockey Fan blog. Written by a UAA fan and for UAA fans. It's written from a UAA fan's perspective for the sensibilities of UAA fans. Your perspective here is certainly welcomed and even encouraged but hey ... it's the UAA Hockey Fan blog.

Anonymous said...

I am a big college hockey fan from a non-hockey traditional part of the lower 48. I have followed all the D-I leagues for several seasons and consider myself an objective observer of NCAA hockey. Of all the programs I have followed on and off the ice, I would have to say that Minnesota is not only one of the best overall programs but they are also the most arrogant. Their TV announcers are definitely two of the biggest "Homers" I have seen in college athletics. Bar none. I'm not saying they're bad broadcasters, but they are lopsided in their commentary for sure. They appear to be very decent people, but, as don said, I am sure that is what they are paid to do and say. Honestly though, it does get very old at times.

On the otherhand, I have found this blog to be a rather refreshing perspective on college hockey. Don, I think you have done a great job of capturing the "essence" of college hockey from a true college hockey fans' perspective. You are definitely passionate about UAA hockey. I have to admit I have enjoyed logging on every now and then for a few good laughs and have learned a good bit about the UAA hockey fan-base. Keep up the good work, enjoy your time off and good luck next season to the Seawolves!!!

LetsGoMavs said...

Woah Donald. Angry much? Kidding. Your guys played well over the weekend, so that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Ignore Mazzaco. I think most people would agree that he and Woog are dumb, especially Mazzaco. I wonder if he even KNOWS that saying "Seapuppies" is an insult? Seems like he's ditzy enough to not even realize that.

There's always next year, so look forward to that. Perhaps it'll be the year for us bottom people (UAA,UMD,TECH)to dominate. It's about time that it's OUR turn. You just have to remember to be nice to your other bottome teams. We need to stick together.

Lawson was a freak in goal too. Dang, that kid was all over the place stopping everything. Just nuts. Too bad he wasn't like that all year. That's the Lawson I saw the one night in Kato and then for whatever reason it fell apart. Also, I think you should hide a mike in Clark's helmet. That kid jawjacks SO much it makes me want to know what he's saying!

Donald said...

I'd imagine Clark was saying:

"In your face bitch"
"Ouch ... did that hurt your contract chances?"
"$2.50 + your draft status will get me an espresso"
"#2 overall? Hmm ... I'm not seeing it"

LetsGoMavs said...

Naw, I'm thinking Clark was WAY more graphic than that.

I've always thought there should be mikes in the helmets so we can hear what they say to each other. I'm sure some of it is priceless!

rr said...


Regarding the FSN hockey broadcast of the University of Minnesota hockey games. (I'll paraphrase your words describing your blog)

The Fox Sports North broadcast is the broadcast of the University of Minnesota brought to you by Fox Sports and the University of Minnesota. The Fox Sports broadcast is produced for hockey fans, specifically Gopher hockey fans. You see, there are also advertisers that pay a lot of money to attract people to their businesses. These businesses happen to be in Minnesota. The broadcast therefore will always be directed at the population within that market.

Frank Mazocco and Doug Woog's jobs are to call the game from the Gopher perspective. For you or any other fan to not understand something as simple as that you must be pretty dim. The job of a broadcast team that is paid by the institution they support is to describe what takes place from that perspective. They are homers because that what the job description entails.

If you were to listen to a broadcast of any team other than your own you might figure out that your critisism of Mazocco and Woog could be applied to them too.

Your problem in my opinion is you really don't understand the actual point of broadcasting in todays society. The broadcast is done as a vehicle for advertisers to get their sales pitch in front of as many likely potential customers as possible. In order to do that the broadcast is presented in a way that is appealing to the target audience.

Since you ARE NOT part of the target audience your pissing and moaning about Mazocco and Woog make you sound like an ignorant knucklehead that has no understanding of commerce.

There is an old saying in broacast news that goes something like this. The evening news is the filler that goes in between the commercials.

Sadly, since you are a self admitted leftie you have self identified yourself as someone that has an extremely narrow understanding of the real world.

See you in August Luddite.

dggoddard said...

Congrats on a great Blog and enjoy your off-season. Hope you come back refreshed and ready to go to war next season.

Anonymous said...


I hope you soon run out of paint or you will have a hard time getting out of that corner when it dries...

The idea that somebody could forget that this is the UAA hockey blog is quite humorous!

...And why you can write for the UAA fan 'sensibilities', but Frank can not speak for the Gopher fan 'sensibilities'? Why do you make an exception for yourself? (Oh yeah, 'hobby')

Also, why the the Denali-sized 'Sea Puppies' chip on your shoulder? In Minnesota we affectionately call the Twins the 'Twinkies'. Big deal. That is probably the mindset Frank is coming from. (I imagine you won't see it that way.)

By the way, who cares if it's a hobby or profession; why do you want to be a 'classless jerk'? It completely takes away from the credibility you otherwise generate with your more mature writing. ...Of course, if you want to preach to a pocket-size choir of your own rubes, keep it up!

Donald said...

Yeah ... thats the way it works. I guess someone forgot to tell FSN about the whole "for, by and about Gophers" thing when they gave Jeff Dubay the boot for criticizing the referees. Why'd they do that? Because even though they knew that Dubay's comments were exactly what their viewership wanted to hear they recognized it was unprofessional.

Naturally, I expect the hometown radio/tv announcers to be homers. They should get excited during the broadcast when the hometeam boys do something good. They should paint a picture of the events for the home town fan's perspective. I don't care if they're cheerleaders or esteemed statesmen; they're getting paid to act in a professional manner and making offensive disparaging comments about an opponent during a sports broadcast isn't professional. Especially, when you're very aware that your signal is more than just local.

This is a simple case of Frank opening mouth then me critizing him for it but thanks (i guess) for trying to expand the argument to include my politics and thanks as well for all the inferences that I'm stupid.

Anon @ 1107:
My desire regarding the size of my "choir" is singular. It is my desire that it develop organically. That's all. If I were concerned with getting more hits and/or the widest possible readership; then believe me that I understand exactly how to accomplish that. Pandering to the masses isn't my style.

And if you don't see the validity of different standards of conduct between something personal (this blog) and something professional (FSN TV broadcasts) then I feel sorry for anyone who works for you.

Anonymous said...


Just because the station is allowed to have a prejudice towards other teams does not mean the announcers have a right to be disrespectful to college kids who are working so hard.
This is Donald's personal veiw; it's great if you disagree but why would you read something that you know in advance you are going to disagree with (or be offended by)? That is rhetorical question if you didn't infer so.

akguy2004 said...

Lets just make sure that the kurt and all other UAA broadcasters refer to Minnesota as the Golden Field Rats

Jeff said...

I think this has been the most commented blog entry all season.

Jake said...

What a sleazy post. Get some class.

blahblahblah said...

Oh my god.

First off, before I even get started, hats off to a UAA squad that didn't quit, they just ran out of gas. Even the fastest race car with the best driver, fastest pit crew, and all the heart in the world won't run if it is out of gas. They gave it everything and came a period short. ONE PERIOD.

WOW. Hats off to you guys. By the way, John Hill said he was scared of UAA's PP. Yeah, despite the Shortie that ended it, I can now completely understand why that guy was the second worst head coach in the league behind Craig Dahl.

Anyways, sleezy bandwagon fans is a claim and whattayaknow, they show up! You should feel honored, Donald.

Kevin Clark was amazing. Blatant elbows...yapping...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's hilarious. I mean, who was yapping? Clark was yapping sure, but so was half of the Gophers. Who started it? Hard to tell, but the Gophers claiming halos over their head is simply laughable.

I disagree with you, though. The Gophers will NOT win the National Championship. UAA outplayed them for many a period! They just needed a few finishers and a little more speed and the Gophers would be toast. I think the Gophers will lose in the WCHA title game to either SCSU or UND (whomever wins obviously) and no, Minnesota will not face a repeat of the Holy Cross debacle, but they won't make the NC game let alone win it. Their stats are inflated. If you play the body with them and basically keep their sticks off the puck, they'll lose... handily. Ala UND and SCSU games this spring.

akguy2004 said...

Jake, class went out the door when we were called seapuppies and seahawks, just by putting the gophers into a different perspective (field rats), you probably got offended, which just gives you a taste of how all the UAA fans felt when Hoog and Frank called us something other than Seawolves.

Jake said...

akguy, my comment was directed more at his statements about minnesota and the fans here. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the great show alaska anchorage put on. It's always good to see a team go out fighting the whole way instead of just giving in. I'm just surprised the last post is in such spite. To me that is classless.

Anonymous said...

Doug Woog is in the booth because he was a coach like Marty Schottenheimer tons of wins and no titles, but he was a better coach then he is an announcer. I went to SCSU, if you got offended by a sea puppies comment then maybe it’s an appropriate description. Personally I hate the gopher fans, and that damn rouser the band plays, the banging the sticks at center ice after a victory, and that my niece who plays hockey would kill to go play at the U. Then there’s the fact (At least its facts to everyone but a gopher fan) that if a gopher falls down and your guys any where near them, he could trip in the corner and your guys at the blue line doesn’t matter there going to the box , especially if their down a goal. But let’s face it I’d rather play them at Mariucci or their other home away from the Xcel Energy Center in front of 10-15K people and beat them. Because their just that damn good. UAA was my second favorite team, although now it’s whoever wins the play in game on Thursday. I think we all should be a little more upset with the fact that the latest Bracketolgy has only three WCHA teams in the tournament and UND and the Gophers are in the same bracket. (Just remembered I hate Goldie too.) One question if the Sea Wolves are a young team, what’s a young wolf called?

Jeff said...

I can't believe Alabama Huntsville is going to the tournament. It just shows that the CHA doesnt deserve an automatic bid because none of their teams are good enough to do any good in the tournament. I can think of alot of teams that are more deserving to go to the show.

Anonymous said...

Jeff I disagree with you I think UAH going to the dance is awsome maybe it will show the rest of college hockey confernces the importance of keeping all the teams around and not allow them to fold even if the cha dies, the rest of college hockey has a responibility to keep these teams around, congrats to UAH I hope they make it to the secound round. Yes Nigria or Bamiji state probly should have gone but it all about the upsets hell we uaa fans were looking for a upset of the gophs

Mike said...

Even though I watched all 3 games I do not recall Frank calling UAA Seapuppies? This is probably due to being numbed by his mindless dribble loosely described as play by play. What the fuck? It is as bad as ESPN's broadcast of the NFL, and that folks is the benchmark of shitty sports TV. The Wooger pulls off some classic's and occasionally tries to keep the flow going with semi-intellegent hockey insights, but he is normally engaged in some esoteric discussion of Minnesota hockey history from the 1962 high school 12 overtime championship game cut short by the arrival of summer and lack of ice to contiue. Well my ramblings are really nothing more than leading into the question........Is this the best that the U of M can put on the air to showcase their flagship sport? Do the fans of U of M want more or are they satisfied with what they get? Now mind you I am not in any way putting down the Gopher hockey team, simply wanting to know what they think of the TV broadcast commentary.

Joe said...

"#2 overall? Hmm ... I'm not seeing it" - When did Jordan Staal start playing for the Gophers?

In regards to what Mike said, since I'm a Gopher fan I have no problem with Frank and Doug, mostly because we know Doug is not really a wordsmith and some of the things he says either makes no sense or is just hilarious. Like at the beginning of the year he talked about how amazing Okposo looked with his shirt off. If we had different announcers how would we get that kind of insight? It would definitely take some fun out of the broadcast. I can easily see how non-Gopher fans can't stand them but like someone else said they are skewed to the Gopher audience. Mazzacco could probably be replaced but the Wooger has to stay.

As far as the Seawolves being called the "Seapuppies" and "Seahawks", I don't every remember hearing Seapuppies and Woog said Seahawks, you can hardly get mad at him for that, he screws lots of names up including Gophers players, he's old and that's what old people do, it's not like he did it intentionally. At any rate, so what if they got called that, sticks and stones you know. It's not like they refused to refer to them as the Seawolves. If someone called us the Goofers once during a broadcast I would hardly care, it's better than Paul Braun saying "Goligowski" all weekend. I don't know why you think it's such a great injustice when you know he's Gopher biased.

I'm just glad the Seawolves gave us a good series last weekend, it showed the boys what to expect the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...

First I'll disclose I am, in fact, a Gophers fan.

For the past three seasons, I've bought the MLB Extra Innings package or internet package, and a couple times in the past bought the NHL Center Ice deal as well. Let me tell you - all home-team announcers are homers. They just are. Some are worse than others, and certainly Woog and Mazzocco are Gophers guys. Woog played for the Gophers then coached them for more than a decade, why would anyone expect anything less than that from him?

But as someone who watches every Gophers TV broadcast, I think Woog is pretty fair, and pretty generous with complimentary comments of other teams' players, because he knows hockey and appreciates good play.

Now if you really want to hear a "Homer call" of a Gophers game, tune in to their WCCO radio broadcast - Wally Shaver and another former coach, Glen Sonmor. I'm a Gophers fan, and even I admit they are nauseating to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your awesome UAA fan blog Donald!

If you can drag yourself to an Aces game, come out and see the newest Seawolf-turned-Ace, Justin Bourne. Hopefully he'll be able to help them defend their championship.

Thank you again for the best WCHA blog on the net and for all the work you do to make it the BEST! :o) Larissa

Jeff said...

Can't wait to see Bourno tear up the ECHL. I'm planning on going to more aces games now.

blahblahblah said...

anon 10:17 is absolutely correct. As a Cubs fan, I've listened countless times to Cubs radio and had to endure Ron Santo, who is, perhaps the only commentator who is actually worse than Frank Masucko. Sure, Masucko is a play by play and Santo is the color guy (I think.. Santo calls so little of the game that I assume he is the color guy) but the fact remains both are complete incompetants.

To Masucko's credit over Santo, Masucko is better with names. However, he does not need to change the name of the team. I know it's fun for us fans to try to provoke other team's fans by calling teams insulting names like the Golden Chokers or the Sue or Susies or Jan Brady State etc. but there is no reason for a commentator on TV, radio, or print (digital or otherwise) to call a team by anything other than their name. I personally find it insulting enough to read message boards where fans change the names of the teams, let alone someone paid to follow the sport doing so.

Masucko is an idiot for reasons such as his lack of knowledge of the physical aspects of the game (despite how many years calling the game?), his general aptitude to overreact, and the complete inability to take the initiative in congratulating the opposing team win or lose (he ALWAYS follows Woog's lead in this).

But hey, UND has Bredahl, the Cubs have Santo and whomever that joker is opposite of Brenly, the Twins have Gladden, and I don't remember the rube that calls the Wild games but they're just awful. Oh yeah, Herb Corneal, you rocked back in the day, but you are 157 years old now and there's NO shame in retiring. You make baseball sound like something spoken at a funeral. Baseball isn't dead...yet. You don't have anything left to prove. Hey, I loved Harry Carey and even I thought towards the end he was beyond his usefulness in the box.

mike said...

Oh yes and Donald, thank you and outstanding job on your blog. Looking forward to reading you in the upcoming season. Enjoy your summer.

Five OT said...


I was at all three games this past weekend. I watched a tape of game three last night. My question to you is this. Are you serious?

The entire game both Woog and Mazzocco were quite willing to acknowledge the good play of the Seawolves team both as a team and as individuals.

I don't recall even hearing Frank refer to them as "Sea-puppies" but I did hear Woog stumble over his tongue with "Seahawks" but what else is new. He gets tongue tied all of the time. I can't ever recall hearing Woog disparage the opposition. He always tries to maintain a pretty positive perspective on the action, (albeit in his own idiosyncratic manner) but will usually call a spade a spade.

I've done enough traveling over the years to see plenty of examples of regional broadcasting. The vast majority looks like Vo-Tech AV class productions. Check out St. Cloud's broadcast some time, or how about the team on the Denver broadcasts. Works better than Sominex. Which kind of remind me of my freshman accounting class many years ago.

I enjoy reading your blog but sometimes you just have got to lighten up. Your perception of being slighted at every turn just is not reality. I'm sure both Woog and Mazzocco hold the Seawolves program in high regard. It just isn't their modus operandi to say what you think you heard.

Anonymous said...

seasons over

Donald said...

Mazzacco used the term "seapuppies" twice. Once during the first game and once during the third game. That's a fact. So anyone claiming he didn't say it is mistaken.

As to Woog. His use of Seahawks isn't a problem. He did so as a result of the same autism that makes him mispronounce any number of players names. I didn't bitch about that or him in particular. Picking on the mentally challenged isn't my style.

For a full accounting of what I've said about Wooger and Frank just use the search this blog function and put in Woog. Will gopher fans feel better if they read what I wrote about Bill Howard and Paul Braun? They should search that out too.

Anonymous said...

If only there was some button on your remote that could mute what was being said on TV. If only.....

Have a good summer.


Jeff said...

I remember him saying "seapuppies" twice also. It didn't bug me too much though. I was just focussed on a good hockey game. I've been looking for a clip of clark's knockdown of okposo, but the only clips of thatg game i can find is the one where lawson was charged, and then clark's goal.

Anonymous said...

is any one eles as sad as i am to see jay leave, Jay good luck man we will miss you.

Jeff said...

Jay Beagle is Leaving?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I am a huge gopher fan and LOVE 'Golden Field Rat'! Makes me smile! That is awesome! I am going to use it!


Anonymous said...

yup jay is off to the steelhead according to inch pro signing

Jeff said...

We're gonna miss Jay next year. He was a great penalty killer and his scoring was up also. Shyiak called him the best player on the team, and i think we'll miss his presence next season. SOmeone else is going to have to step up and protect clarkie now.

Anonymous said...

protect clarkie from what? himself?

Jeff said...

Yup. Cause that kid sure knows how to find trouble. And he wont change that.

Anonymous said...

lunden will step up he did it this year. hes a big strong kid that has skills too. lunden and clark will be quite the combination next year.

Anonymous said...

I thought much more of your team and program until I read this ugly mess. I hope you don't speak for all seapuppies fans out there. It was a good series and you deserved the loss.

-Lifelong bandwagon Gophers fan.

Anonymous said...

screw u bandwagon, at least we stick with our team. any congratulations to kronsch, bourne, & beagle. charlie got his first goal tonight, & bourno scored his first assist the other night

akguy2004 said...

Beagle hasn't played a game for the Idaho Steelhead yet.

Anonymous said...


Is Beagle actually signing with the Idaho Spuds?

He hasn't shown up on their daily transaction reports yet.


Jeff said...

he said that he has to wait for his working visa before he can start playing. he's going to be benched when they play the aces, so that sucks.

Anonymous said...

You're right Jeff, Beagle is now officially on the Spuds website. Maybe he'll play in the games tonight and tomorrow night against the Aces?

It seems odd to ditch college for the ECHL.

(The NHL, sure. The AHL, maybe. The ECHL and $500 bucks a week though? - I dunno.)

I suppose he had his reasons though.

I like Beags a lot and wish him the best, but I'll be cheering on the Aces tonight - not Idaho. LOL! ;)

Have a good weekend - Larissa

Jeff said...

It took the anchorage daily news a week and a half to finally realize jay left uaa.

Jeff said...

Beagle is doing pretty good for a rookie in the echl. He already has 7 points in 5 games, icluding 1 goal and 6 assists

Anonymous said...

all the guys that have gone to play at the higher level have adjusted well, the reading fans have voted charlie the biggest impact on the team.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the tenative schedule for next season? I wanna say I saw one on a blueliners advertisement.

Anonymous said...

yeah there is one, but the nye classic teams are not on it

Anonymous said...

that is good enough for me for the moment, I just wanna look something for the next few months until it comes out on the goseawolves website

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the schedule out there?

Goon said...

This is bad no donald articles

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