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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Potpourri

No real news so just a couple of things. I added a some widgets to the sidebar. The first one is a widget that will fully translate this webpage in a new window in the selected language (just click on the flag). Apparently, it uses some standardized United Nations la-dee-da algorithmic fancified bullshit mumbo-jumbo to do the translation. Maybe someone in Slovenia or Sweden will find it useful? Honestly, it's not much more than window dressing to give this joint some sort of minor international flavor. And in the case someone actually shows up here from the Dubai Mighty Camels I'm all set.

Next you'll see just a simple countdown clock to UAA's first regular season game on October 12th vs. Wayne State. No further explanation needed.

Finally, I've added a "Bitty Browser" nearer the bottom which provides a display of The College Hockey (& other stuff) Blog's RSS feeds. For the off-season I'm using my quasi-affilliation with that fine site and suggest interested readers peruse my first (and so far only) contribution there ... OR you can scroll down the Bitty Browser a bit and find the "Fear Not The BTHC" listing and by clicking the "open Bitty size" link under the story you can get the whole article in the mini-browser.. During the season, I'll use it as a point of access for what other bloggers are saying and/or any important news about the Seawolves. It's kinda cool.


Anonymous said...

any one think kevin clark has a chance at been a late pick in the draft. he is a late birthday 12/29/87 and still has two years of eligibility left in the draft.... his playoffs were great and i bet there were a load of scouts there.

Donald said...

How many players under 5ft 10in get drafted? Not to "poo poo" the possibility necesarily but realism suggests (even with the alleged new NHL) that bigger will continue to be "better" in their eyes.

His speed, skill and grit are certainly worthy of a pick but perhaps being a free agent could be a better situation for him. Especially with a couple of seriously nice years (points-wise) in the WCHA.

Suze said...

UAA has another recruit for 2008-09. VanGilder from the USHL.

Donald said...

VanGilder is a UAF recruit.

Suze said...

I see that, but earlier today Chris's site said Anchorage, not Fairbanks. Oh well.

Donald said...

He might take the same path as the goalie pads and show up here. I wonder if the athletic department would return him or forward him to UAF?

Jeff said...

Adam Corrin isn't on the uaa roster anymore

Donald said...

Read "Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatorze" from last week. ;-)

Jeff said...

oops my bad.

Josh Pifke said...

I doubt you'll get any hits from the Swedish readers. It's not one of the available translations.

And for your readers in Slovenia, they'd have to have a knowledge of Italian in order to read the blog.

Donald said...

In my experience I've found European's often speak three languages. If not often, certainly more frequently than Americans.

But yeah ... it's usefulness is just a shot in the dark and this sort of machine translation comes out pretty rugged I guess.

And I already know they're reading the blog.

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