Friday, June 08, 2007

Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatorze?

Yesterday I noted in my "... All In" post I indicated that there were 11 forwards on UAA's updated roster for 07-08. Today I pull up the roster and find there are 10 forwards listed. I know I can count. I was pretty good at it even before I hit first grade. When I post something here I try to use the carpenter's rule ... "Measure twice, cut once". Sometimes I fat-finger something while typing and don't notice during the all-important last proofread before publishing. I can even lazily misuse a word grammatically as I did when I called Doc Delcastillo an "alumni" of St. Cloud when he is actually an "alumnus". I don't like making little mistakes but in the grand scheme of things they're just little mistakes.

Apparently, someone at UAA made a little mistake when they updated the roster. Yesterday, the roster included Adam Corrin. Today it doesn't. Maybe Adam left yesterday. Maybe not. In any case, today the roster doesn't have him. Adam spent his career at UAA as a role player (1g-5a in 57 games) after having some nice numbers in the MJHL.

As Dave Shyiak enters his third season behind the bench the team is now slowly becoming "his team". Players recruited by one coach can have difficulties adapting to a new coach and vice-versa. I'll have to guess that this situation falls into that category.

As we all move forward I can only apologize for my errors and pledge to always double-check my counting.

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Suze said...

I see that UAA has a new 08 recruit added to Chris Heisenber's site.

Jordan VanGilder-LW 6/15/2007 Tri-City (USHL) 6' 190 lbs.

Hope everyone in Alaska is finally getting some summer weather. It is just too hot here in Colorado, and Dallas was like a sauna.

Just played golf at 8 am cause it's supposed to be 80 degrees by 11 am!

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