Tuesday, June 26, 2007

UAA Arena Update

Where we at? I can't say how many times I've cringed when someone has "aks" me that question. Is that supposed to be some sort of quicker/easier way of asking "Where are we?". What? ... it saves one whole letter of the alphabet? I'm all about being concise (actually I'm not but for the purposes of this mini-rant it works to say I am ...) but is saving one frigging letter really worth destroying grammar? Sorry, I'm sure my "street-cred" will suffer ... oh well. I'm not big on literary and/or verbal "September Eleventh" references being condensed to "Nine-Eleven" either. Wow ... thanks for saving me a syllable. If "December 7th" was good enough for the generation that preceeded mine then "September 11th" sure ought to be good enough for this one ... Nobody would consider referencing Pearl Harbor with "Twelve-Seven" would they? I'm not enamored.

So here's where we are: The UAA Northern Light has this update on the status of the new arena's funding in today's issue. It doesn't really contain much new for anyone who's followed this issue closely but it is definitely nice to have some folks on the record about the project. Interim Vice-Chancellor of Admistrative Services Bill Spindle says,
"It's the first step in a lot of steps ..."
"We've always talked about (building on) the south side of Northern Lights (and Bragaw) on UAA property"
He also indicated the the research phase would likely last 6 to 9 months and could possibly be followed by a preliminary building phase. The new arena would be step one of a three part plan for upgrading UAA's sports facilities (with the Wells Fargo upgrade #2 and a recreational sports facility in the student housing complex #3).

I'm most encourage by the "step one" reference. As I'd mentioned the original timeline was projected as 2013 but perhaps (and it's still a BIG perhaps) that reference means it wouldn't actually be 6 years before the new arena is done. Kewl beans to that.

I regularly fish through my site meter statistics and info to get an idea of who is reading the blog. Sometimes it's a little clunky to look at but occassionally it provides me with a nugget or two. A coupla-three weeks ago I noticed some hits coming from a web forum used by Alaska Aces fans and since they were unique I checked it out. Turns out someone had come across my blog and started this thread there. Naturally, I decided to join in the conversation to provide any information I could. Just as naturally, it turned into a typical Internet fan forum conversation filled with political BS and more than one or two insults. Read at your own risk.

Speaking of fan forums; over at USCHO's fan forum, Wolfman continues his presence updating the college hockey community about this arena and advocating for the Seawolves. There's a fine group of UAA fans that represent the school at that joint but there's something missing. Since they booted me from there nobody has really stepped up to fill the "prick/asshole" role that I so carefully cultivated. So ... I'm here to encourage someone out there in UAA Fan Blog readerland to jump into that pool and make some waves this coming season. You just need to be proud of the UAA program, a bit arrogant and intimidatingly insulting. Some bombastic traits would help. If you're loud and know how to string a sentence together you can probably fill the hole created by my absence. Hey ... every other program has at least on person posting that meets the "prick/asshole" criteria (and hey JimmyJam ... you're just not quite mean enough to be "the asshole" so don't start with me!). UAA needs one too! And oh yeah ... don't be afraid of getting suspended and becoming a social pariah (it actually has an upside!). There can be a fine-line to walk between being just another chest-thumping yahoo and a knowledgable dedicated prick but you can always email me for mentoring if necessary. I'm sure someone can step up. Feel free to register with some sort of name reminicent of my old moniker in order to immediately gain a certain cachet. I'd suggest "DTP Protege" or perhaps "DTP Too" or "DTP Redux" something like that which will twist USCHO's knickers. Thanks.
Note: And if you didn't read my Alternative NHL Draft coverage over at The College Hockey (&other stuff) Blog then here's a link to that marginally comedic bit.


Anonymous said...

Recieved a campus wide email from the Chancellor today about the arena

Wolfman said...

It was on Channel 2 news and It is on Goseawolves.com website. Of course you all had the renderings long before this was made official!!!! Are you excited or what?????????

jjack said...

Good to finally get some confirmation that this is in the works. It's gonna be NICE!

Suze said...

Gov. Palin has until July 1 to decide on the budget for this arena.

I emailed her to urge her generous support.


Anonymous said...

Suze apparently it didn't work.

Donald said...

I'll have a post on this by the morning.

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