Saturday, June 30, 2007

Governher Shoots and Palin Saves?

Could I have mistaken the Governher's matter of fact (pretty much smug) demeanor on the TV yesterday? I'm frankly not sure this morning. But perhaps a journalist may have just proven me a bit hasty in my judgement. You decide I guess ...

Here's the two key quotes from Andrew Hinkleman's story today in the Anchorage Daily News. Hinkleman says the Governher said that there is nothing to stop UAA from continuing to plan for a new sports complex.
"Within the university's funding level that the state and the legislature already agreed to, the million-dollar plan for a new sports center will come out of that, not a special appropriation," she said. "We're making sure ... they are able to find the funds that are already there, already having been appropriated by the legislature and our administration."

"I'm all for sports arenas," Palin said. "(But) the university has a billion-dollar deferred maintenance project list, so we need to make sure we're addressing deferred maintenance on existing structures as we weigh the need for new facilities."
So ... um. My interpretation of all this? She's telling the University to go ahead and spend the money out of this years already allocated budget. She saying her adminstration will make sure it helps the University find the funds in the current appropriation. Is that what she is saying? I'm not sure... lemme be rhetorical here. It seems to me that part of "fiscal responsibility" ought to be a proper accounting for expenditures made by the government. Isn't it? So in the spirit of that effort shouldn't entities like UAA breakdown their budgetary requests? You know .... so everyone knows where the money went. Does the Governher think the University can just pull 1,000,000 bucks out of it's ass? Can they? If this item had been in the "General" budget allocated to UAA would we be having this problem? Is this all just some doublespeak since the second quote greatly obfuscates the first one?

Why does she tell the press (Hinkleman) all this on Thursday night at the Alaska Wild game but UAA officials seem to be unaware of it on Friday when the paper calls them for comment on the veto she signed midday on Friday? Someone pinch me ... I just need to know if I'm concious.

And I thought that weird optical-illusion pic I used the other day was convoluted. Is it just me?


Wolfman said...


I got an email from AD Steve Cobb and he told me not to worry about the legislative money. The project will still move forward. That is a relief to hear. However, I don't see any signs of the new arena planning on the website. It is like they "erased" it out of existence. When I get more info, I will post.

Anonymous said...


UAA put the new facility back on the front page of site.

They left the original date that the article was posted but changed the heading to:

"UAA moves forward with plans for new facility"

They didn't go into detail on how their planning ahead, but they did at least place it back on the front page under a new title. :)

Only time will tell I suppose!


wolfman said...


I saw that. Dr. Cobb said that the Chancellor will have an "updated" announcement this week. The facility planning will definitely move forward, and that is good signs!

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