Saturday, June 02, 2007

Better Than Nothing

Something is always better than nothing right? That's a good thing today, since I'm mostly going to write about nothing (Hey ... I've got something ... but first the nothing). It's the offseason so naturally news about this or that is pretty intermittent. So far we've had four tidbits this offseason: Arena pics and info, an 09 recruit, an 07 recruit, and Lawson leaving. "Missing In Action" though is an official announcement from the school regarding any recruits that have signed LOI's during the latest signing period.

Officially signed recruits for 07-08 are Kane Lafranchise, Winston Daychief, and Brad McCabe. As yet confirmed (via the M.I.A. official release) are Nick Haddad, Chris Rengert, Tommy Grant, Jeff Carlson and Matt Gordon. The school can't say anything about recruits until after they sign a Letter Of Intent. The three signed recruits were announced via this release on Dec. 1st shortly after the fall/winter signing period ended. The spring/summer signing period finished about six weeks ago. But hey ... the offseason is a busy time. It's not like December 1st in the middle of the season when you've got practices, admistrative issues, staff meetings and all the various distractions of an active D-1 season. So ... with all that I've just been waiting to write something. Alas, you get a big fat nada. But there will be something. Just not yet.

My second nothing so far this offseason is my plan to pump the tires of the Summer Elite Hockey League. I've checked their website every couple of days over the last couple of weeks hoping to find something. But again ... zilch. I sent an email to the address on the page but I suspect that never gets looked at. Knowing when to turn up to a rink would sure be helpful to a bored hockey blogger trying to provide something to his readers. So I'll run over to the rink in the next couple of days and track down whatever information that I can in order to transform this nothing into something.

Finally, though I've got something. A new blog. A. Allen Pollreisz looks to be taking a pretty big bite off the college hockey pie by covering the widest possible region: All of it. Good on ya A! Everything he's written so far is well done and professional. He also says:
"... I (hopefully along with a few correspondent bloggers [more on that later]) will try to keep my fingers on the pulse of college hockey, and post relevant stuff regarding the world of college hockey – a college hockey news and opinion aggregator without the blog technically being an aggregator, if you will. The posts here will feature college hockey news, notes, commentary, game scores, or just other stuff that I (or others) might deem as relevant or “cool.” Ultimately, I would like this blog to be a nice one-stop college hockey information spot. However, if that trip must be of the multi-stop variety, I hope this blog will shorten that trip for college hockey fans."
Cool. I bought in. A. signed me up at the first indication that I'd volunteered. So in the future I won't have to clutter the UAA somethings here with my rambling and ranting about nothing. I can just post my nothing over there. Anyhow I'll be checking in on The College Hockey (&Other Stuff) Blog regularly. Hey ... that's something.

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SEHL has started and is looking good :)

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