Thursday, October 18, 2007

DelCastillo: 25% of UAF Has Talent

One of the biggest challenges of writing this blog is sounding like I know what I'm talking about when I write about an opponent. It's easy enough to sound like I know what I'm talking about when writing about the Seawolves. I've seen most of the guys play for at least a year and some of them I've watched for more than 3 years. I pay as much attention to them as anyone. I don't pay as much attention to opponents. Don't get me wrong. I've got more than a decent idea about most of the teams UAA goes up against. But comparitivly speaking, I know a a boatload more about UAA than the team just up the road. That being the case each week I spend some time doing a bit of "research" (for lack of a better word). Mostly, it consists of a google search or two followed by a bit of reading. Obviously, past experience against the foe is a factor as well. This week the task is thankfully easier than other weeks. Not because I pay any more attention to UAF than say UND or DU or CC; but because I came across an absolute gem just as I was getting underway.

Coach Doc DelCastillo sat down with Fairbanks News Miner reporter Danny Martin and gave his assessment of the teams talent on a player by player basis. We hadn't heard much about the team and it's new coach, so to have all this right from the horses mouth makes my day. By analyzing his full comments I've come to an interesting thesis that Coach DelCastillo doesn't exactly think some of this players are the "bees knees". (note: I've included the key portions of his comments which I believe are the most relevant) I've broken it all down for simplification into two categories. The "Have's" and "Have Not's".
The Have Not's
Justin Binab - "Veteran, older, more mature"
T.J. Campbell - "Leader ... extraordinary kid, extraordinary person"
Brandon Gawryletz - " ... fearless-type ... good guy to have ..."
Trevor Hyatt - "A complete person ..."
Chad Johnson - " ... his challenge is to be at another level consistenly ..."
Kyle Jones - " ... new lease on life with a new coach."
Derek Klassen - "Relentless. He can really skate"
Brandon Knelsen - "I think he's opportunistic."
Bryant Molle - "He needs to grow into his body and learn to adapt his game ..."
Dustin Molle - "He's a good team guy ..."
Ryan Muspratt - "Steady ... someone with veteran leadership."
Adam Naglich - "... he could be a very good, two-way power forward ..."
Kevin Petovello - "... going through a learning process right now."
Wylie Rogers - "... everyone in this town loves Wylie"
Cody Rymut - "He works hard and he wants to be a player."
Steve Vanoosten - "He's another who's on a learning curve ..."
Braden Walls - "... he needs to continue to get better."
Jeff Young - "Physcially, he's a little bit behind ..."

The Have's
Tyler Eckford - "Gifted. He's just gifted. He has god-given ability..."
Dion Knelsen - "... if it doesn't work out for Dion, it isn't because of what Dion did ..."
Jeff Lee - "He's very gifted, he skates well for his size ..."
Landon Novotney - "Incredible acceleration, very gifted ... contributor at this point."
Jeff Penner - " ... could be a very good defenseman in the CCHA."
Dustin Sather - " ... He has a tremendous amount of skill."
So ... of the 24 players commented on; Doc DelCastillo gives comments on only six that would indicate he thinks have talent. Let's not misunderstand what was said. His comments on all his players were positive in nature. He didn't disrespect anyone in particular (well, maybe Tavis MacMillan in a subtle way). But regarding 18 players he sure didn't use the words that you might hear from a coach who thought they were talented. Sure, I only included snippets of his comments. But the link is there so you can read every word he said about every player. No doubt that a new coach looks forward to the time when he can get "his players" into the system. But if i was any of those 18 on the "Have Not" list I'd definitely be wondering if that was the best my coach could come up with. Perhaps he was hoping they'd want to prove him wrong. I remember another NCAA Division 1 coach who told the local newspaper his team wasn't very talented during his first year. His name was Dean Talafous.


mmf said...

So what you're saying is ...against the Seawolves we have excess capacity?

Donald Dunlop said...


gcoulson said...

I'll be playing "The Coach Shyiak Show" on the arena big board (Sullivision) before the Hockey game on Friday (only friday). This will not be going out to GCI as they should be playing the show so it rolls seamlessly into the hockey intro. I'll be playing it at about 6:50-7:20 this will collide with the players warm up so we may have to turn it off during that time. I'm hoping you all will get to see the 1st block of programming. It's a nice conclusion to last weekend.

This is a test to see if the fans like it, how it sounds (the Sullivan is an echo chamber), and how it looks. Consider this a makeup for the tease on Wednesday night. I don't want any of you staying home and potentially missing any of this great series against the Nanooks. Go Seawolves!


Donald Dunlop said...

Awesome. Simply Awesome. I'm glad you commented on the other post and gave us the str8 poop on the broadcast problem.

I'll be at the Sully early and will be thrilled to see the show on the big screen.

Suze said...

Ditto to what Donald said, I think this is a great idea! Thanks so much for all your work.

jjack, please read your email.

Jimjamesak said...

If I may make a suggestion gcoulson. Play the block where the coach previews the opponent after the warmups and after Lyle's pre game announcements (if you have enough time). People are heading to their seats at the point and it's a good time to draw peoples attention. Plus it keeps TJ the DJ from playing crappy music.

gcoulson said...

Hey sorry guys, I had to play the coaches show earlier than I wanted. For reasons including Sullivan slate ads and the players require warm-up music. The Coach's show will not air before Saturday games at the arena only on Friday's. I will see what I can do to roll the show later. The coach's show will not air after warm-ups because we are recording the Tutle-Haider intro and queing the Gameface promo, seawolf countdown, GCI intro. also preparing starting lineup graphics, and dvd recordings. Life is very complicated during that time period. We have a class dedicated to doing these task but by the time they really learn how to do it all they get hired by KTVA, KIMO and KTUU. Sometimes Nerland and Bradley-Reed. Anyway, stay tuned more Seawolf Hockey to come. By the way we do all of this with only 2 game cameras and two overhead cameras. Oh yeah an old sony beta camera in the corner just for the Coach interview.

Anonymous said...

We wanted to Tivo the coaches show tonight while we're at the Sully, but you can't tivo it because it doesn't show up as a program. Any getting around that?

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