Friday, October 26, 2007

Word for the Night: Disjointed

I heard more than a few frustrated and disappointed comments tonight from fans in my vicinity. After turning the tables on the getting scored on quick tendency by nabbing an unexpected (and soft) early goal the Seawolves looked good and bad for most of the rest of the night. I think it was late in the second period when I used the word "disjointed". And just now watching Coach Shyiak's postgame interview on Channel 2 I hear the same word. I thought there was 30 minutes of good hockey from UAA (...the 1st period and the first 10 minutes of the 3rd) the rest of the time was just kinda messy. Part of that I've got to credit to MSU and their Chuck Wepner-like effort. Part of it I'll credit to a referee that just couldn't stand not being a part of the game. Dumb ticky-tack penalties on both teams created a mess of a second period where 5 on 5 play was a rarity. The last credit just goes to some marginally uninspired play from the 'wolves. Luke Beaverson was out tonight with a high ankle sprain and will apparently be day-to-day. Paul Crowder left the ice during the second period and didn't return. I don't have any word on why.

The 1st period showed promise for a good entertaining hockey game. There was some run and gun hockey from both teams. The Mavericks had an effective forechecking game going at the top of UAA's zone that was creating turnovers and giving the Seawolves fits from time to time. More puck carrying and delaying the breakout pass cured that though I thought. Josh Lunden scored a pretty goal holding the puck in the slot briefly while wating for an opening then beating Zacharias cleanly. It was overall an entertaining period. Then the 2nd started.

Here's all I have to say about the 2nd. Penalties at 0:37, 2:24, 4:01, 6:39, 10:15, 10:49 and 16:00. I'm sure referee Brett Kloswaski is happy to get a mention. WooHoo! Way to go dummy.

The first 10 minutes of the 3rd period was the kind of game Seawolf fans have gotten used to seeing in this early season. The team dominated possession and even tilted the ice in their favor. They cycled the puck low and created good scoring chances. I'd have to see a replay but I don't know how the puck didn't go in the net on one particular sequence. I'll guess Zacharias made it back to cover the obviously empty net somehow. I sure don't want to think that someone shoved the puck wide. The Mavericks only managed 3 shots during the whole 3rd period and scored on their 2nd shot at 12:14. Channing Boe fired a shot from high in the slot as a Maverick played knocked Jonny O's stick from his hands while moving through the top of the blue ice. Olthuis immediately appealed to the ref and he actually went and reviewed it. The Sullivision showed a replay that confirmed the interference in my mind but the ref didn't see it the same way. At best I suppose it could have went either way. In any case, the goal energized a Maverick team that I'd noticed was huffing and puffing a bit and they evened up the play for most of the rest of the period and during OT. I heard a lot of folks wondering if UAA was playing for a tie. I don't think a coach ever tells his team to play for a tie so I'll just assume the 'wolves just couldn't get it going again.

The Mavericks confirmed my assertion that they're the Chuck Wepner of college hockey tonight. The Seawolves didn't look like Muhammad Ali and weren't able to knock them out.


LetsGoMavs said...

Donald, Donald, Donald....this looks like a bunch of excuses and whining. what's up with THAT?!? I didn't see the game but from listening to it, it sounded like the Mavs played harder and basically outplayed UAA most of the game. From my end, it sounded like the Mavs had possession of the puck and were in the UAA end alot. Granted UAA did come back with a vengence in the beginning of the 3rd, but you have to give the Mavs credit. They stayed with it all game and fought hard. It's not all about the bad refs and the goalies stick. Come're sounding a little like a UND fan in this post!

Like I said, obviously I didn't see it but there's NO WAY I believe it's all because of the refs and the way you're saying it went down here. Give my boys some credit!

timmer said...

Did anyone else notice the linesman were in the way....A LOT! I quit counting after the fourth time Asplund blocked a UAA clearing pass.

Donald Dunlop said...

I guess that's the difference between being at the game and seeing things with your own eyes and listening to a homer radio guy.

Don't like my recap? Read the Anchorage Daily News. If you read mine again you'll see I credited three things for the game result. The Mavs, the ref, and the Seawolves. The first of those I credited was the Mavs. They did not however play harder or outplay UAA for most of the game. If your radio guy(s) made it sound that way then they're doing your fanbase a disservice by setting expectations improperly. If you read carefully I gave UAA credit for 30 minutes of good play. There's 30 minutes leftover. Who do you think gets that 30 minutes?

If you expected me to breakdown all the things the Mavericks did right to help gain the tie you came to the wrong place.

You have a blog. Give your Mavs credit there. Here I'll analyze the things that I think my readers (UAA fans) are interested in hearing.

And comparing me to a UND fan will not result in such a polite reply in the future.

Goon said...

Good for the Mavericks gut out some points. Their first part of their schedule is a death march.

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