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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Potpourri

Warning: Not clicking on the links I'm providing here means you'll miss out on the context of my smartassery. It was an interesting week or so here on the Interweb for this blogger. I'd thought the MMOTW (metaphysical moment of the week) was when Clarkson's Hockey blog was infected mysteriously with my powerful kung-fu through the ether, when a post they'd made turn up with an identical post title which I'd made the day before. I promised I'd make the effort to secure my obviously growing psychic abilities so as not to infect other innocent folks using UTBSoT (uncle teds big series of tubes). Apparently I failed; my regular use of the tag Potpourri apparently snuck out while I wasn't paying attention. I know it's my responsibility to redouble my efforts to enable other folks on the internet to blog without the aforementioned psychic interference. I'm trying, I really am.

More than a few UAA fans weren't enamored with this article from a (he who shall not be named) local hockey writing guru/maven. We expressed our displeasure and were met with that always deeply meaningful Jungian mantra, "Why can't we all just get along?". Um ... because some of us are miscreants?

Big weekend coming up for those of us obsessed with the all-important question of which school in Alaska has hockey bragging rights. The Anchorage portion of the 4 game series to determine who'll possess the redesigned and and MILF awarded Governor's Cup takes place at the Sully; Heretofore to be known as TJWHWSNBNIWBOTF (the joint where he who shall not be named is welcomed by only the few). I think I've been infected with a dose of CUOAF (creating unwieldy obtuse acronyms fever). Thanks Donna. Must have something to do with the fact that UMD played NMU over the weekend. Maybe RWD can make the same commitment as I'm trying to make to ensure these things aren't spread. In any case, look for a series of posts this coming week to illuminate why this series matters so much to us. I'm not saying I'll be channeling Dickens ala last season but hopefully there's a snicker or two in your future.

As to this past weekends games; Luka Vidmar on Friday night, Shane Lovdahl on Saturday night. With excellent depth on the blueline I can only guess that we'll see some regular shuffling among the defensive corp from game to game. Rookies Vidmar and Lafranchise showed this weekend they can get the job done at this level. Lovdahl reaffirmed his abilities and I thought played an impactful game on Saturday vs. BU. He had two good rushes taking the puck to the net. He ripped the hardest shot of the night on an absolutely beautiful one-timer that went just wide at about 1000 mph. He masterfully broke up a dangerous 2-1 and the rest of his play in the game was stellar. Coach Shyiak is to be envied because no matter who he decides to sit for a game there is someone to step in and play very well. It should give him the ability to keep the blueline very fresh week in and week out. I thought Josh Lunden, Paul Crowder and Kevin Clark played very well together this weekend. Enough so that it isn't going to be long before they really have a big target on their backs. 17 goals in three games (yes yes ... i know one of them was an exhibition vs. an underpowered Canadian college) is a stat worthy of note. Take the exhibition out of the picture and 4.5g/game still looks nice. If the team can maintain that sort of output in WCHA play then they'll be a force to be reckoned with. It's early to get too excited but after just the first two games 3 rookie forwards have already gotten the first NCAA goal monkey off their backs. Congrats to Daychief, Parkinson and McCabe on that milestone; may there be many many more to come in your careers! Tommy Grant was a close but no cigar on the weekend. He'll get his though (soon), of that I have no doubt. We almost saw freshman Sean Wiles. He dressed for the warmups but didn't make the gametime lineup. Jonny O played well both nights. No. Sorry. He played well Friday night. Saturday night he played great making a couple of highlight reel game-saving stops. It might be a while before we see Matt Gordon in a game.

UAA's lone announced recruit (for 09), Gustav Bengtson has finished his first three regular season games with the Cedar Rapids Roughriders. He's picked up one assist thus far and his plus/minus rating is 0. It's his first season playing junior hockey. He did well in preseason picking up 2g and 2a in 6 games. Cedar Rapids looks to be one of the top teams in the USHL this season and are off to a good 3-0 start. I'll have a more in-depth look at him in coming weeks.

Finally, use the "Bitty Browser" on the right hand side of the page to access the UAF Hockey Blog. Eric Carlson has forgotten more about the game than I'll likely ever know. His insights about our rival in the interior are not to be overlooked. Hopefully, somone can pick up some useful scouting info there.


Suze said...

Donald, what is the all time record for the Governor's Cup? I know the Nooks have owned it more recently, but that was ONE thing that Talafous did well when he was at UAA.

Jeff said...

So i noticed that there were no quotes in woody's articles this weekend. When i went to do interviews after the game there was about a 15 minute wait before the players were ready. Woody left after 10 minutes so he didnt get any interviews. I think his impatience is a disgrace and also is another example that he doesnt really care about uaa hockey.

Anonymous said...

I think Woody knows the players don't really want to talk to him, sounds like they've been burned in the past.

Anonymous said...

You will enjoy watching Bengtson aka Goose play when he gets to UAA. Speaks better English than his American teammates, is a hard worker and is a very personable young man.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Ken Selby? Thought we would see him over the weekend after his good showing the week before. Kid's obviously got skill - and speed.. I have a hard time believing he can't fit in somewhere.

Anonymous said...

More than one fan would also like to see Selby on the ice. We really need more speed. BU was a lot faster than UAA was. Speed can kill.

jjack said...

Guys give Woody a break, he obviously couldn't wait 15 minutes to take to the team because he had to go home and spend some quality time locked in the bathroom with his Aces photo album.

Suze said...

Oh my gosh.

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