Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mercyhurst Preview: The Bored Edition

Rick Gotkin has been Head Coach of the Mercyhurst Lakers for 21 of the programs 22 years. Most of that was in Division III and Division II. The Lakers began playng Division I in 2000. In 6 of the last 8 years Gotkin has guided the team to winning records. Last season the team went 15-19-7. With a strong core of returners which includes 5 upperclassmen on defense, 7 forwards and the starting goalie. I'd expect they'll improve on the 15 win mark by a nice margin. The Lakers were picked to finish 2nd in the Atlantic Hockey Conference this season.

Alaskan fans of either the UAA or uaF persuasion should bank on this Mercyhurst team coming to play. They got ambushed last weekend by St. Cloud's powerplay (twin 7-3 scores) on the big ice. I'd have to think that serves as an example for the Mercyhurst players coming to play on another big sheet this weekend. I imagine they'll adapt and I'd expect them to give both UAA and UA_ a good game.

Confession ... writing about Mercyhurst is boring. The place is on the Pennsylvania shore of Lake Erie. So ... um ... Lakers is all well and good for a name I suppose. I'm not going to dog them here like I do so many other teams. They're not a rival in any sense of the word and never will be. UAA has played them twice and beat them both times (in 2001?). So what .. meaningless really. It looks like a pretty small school with an enrollment of less than 3500. I bet is drops boatloads of snow at a time on Erie; I hate that 36 inch in 24 hours crap. I'm not gonna look it up on Wikipedia or anything though. See ... it bores me. And Mercyhurst fans shouldn't take that as an insult. Seawolf talk would probably bore you.

And for those of who thinking that I'm just too lazy to do the minimum amount of research required to make a preview like this something other than the current rambling bs it has devolved into ... well. Don't think like that about me. If I say this preview was boring it isn't to cover for my laziness. So now that I've baffled you with all my contemporaneous bullshit what is left to do? Um nothing ... seriously. I'm bored with Mercyhurst ... God bless em every one. And yes ... I know it's not a hopeful sign for a productive day when one is already bored at 7:45AM. But I'll take being completely done with this by 8AM as a positive.


Anonymous said...

McCabe and Daychief are gone!!

Anonymous said...

And yet again, your accuracy astounds me. The score of the SCSU/Mercyhurst game on Friday was 7-2. Good fact-checking though.

Donald Dunlop said...

What part of bored/lazy didn't you get?

Anonymous said...

McCabe and DayChief are gone???if they are there one level above retarded.

Suze said...

Too bad about Brad and Winston. If they didn't want to do the work to remain eligible, they don't belong on the team. Why did they even come back for their sophmore season if they weren't willing to do the academics? I feel bad for their teammates, these guys bailed on them.

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