Thursday, November 06, 2008

3 Stars for 3 Seawolf Recruits

There was an interesting turn of events over a couple of midweek games in the BCHL that involved all three UAA Seawolf recruits. Defenseman Lee Baldwin of the Victoria Grizzlies; Forward Mickey Spencer of the Cowichan Valley Capitals and Defenseman Wes McLeod of Prince George Spruce Kings.

On Tuesday night Victoria faced Cowichan Valley. Victoria got the win 6-3 and Lee Baldwin's goal and assist earned him the #1 star of the game. Mickey Spencer's goal, assist (and fight) earned him the 3rd star of the game. On Wednesday night, future UAA blueliner and current Prince George Spruce King Wes McLeod was named the 2nd star of the game in a 2-1 OT victory versus Quesnel. McLeod assisted on the first goal and scored the game winner 1:13 seconds into overtime.

Nice outings for all three guys. I will do a full-blown recruit update/analysis sometime late this month.


seawolvesfan said...

funny and a coindence?

Anonymous said...

Donald lets get the word out about the Uaa Coaches luncheon FRI at 11 30 at the Lucy Cuddy Center on CAMPUS everybody can ask Shiak a question and help support the program make sure to ask somebody why we cant get a highschool nor flippen jr high band in to the arena to liven the place up

Jeremiah said...

Or an alumni band to liven things up? I played pep band in high school and would be all for breaking out the trumpet!

Suze said...

Donald, please check your email.

Anonymous said...

Cobb said he is for the Band at the last Bluliners luncheon but mentioned that the University Band program wanted something like 200,000 towards there program to provide this accomodation which is almost unbelievable but im sure true..The bottomline is Coach Shiak also mentioned at the last banquet that he attributes some of the Seawolfs slow starts at the Sully to the lack of excitement in the building which may or may not be the reason so I think everyone is on the same page to start with some type of Band just I do not know the status or if anybody is working on it but THAT IS A GREAT PLACE to Start building Atmosphere for College Hockey games..

Anonymous said...

Even though there were only 3500 fans at the Duluth games, the Friday night game was pretty loud. If the players give the fans something to cheer about, they cheer. If the team plays mediocre the fans are too.

Anonymous said...

Well there has been alot to cheer about this year but UAA has alot of issues to clear up that have occured in the past to get Anchorage Fans Back so winning is one thing but just some of the other things are to continue to move forward and rectify Bad publicity surrounding Coaches, Alaskan Players leaving and badmouthing the program and all the Negatives that have turned the local Hockey communities and Families off from UAA Hockey. Take a look around at the games..Hardly anybody from the YOUTH Hockey community attends its mostly an young or old Adult crowd that has been the core group thats been coming for years. Unfortunately Colateral Damage has been done so the thing is to move forward and not make the same mistakes again.

Donald Dunlop said...

The issues between the community and the program will only go away with time. If there are people out there gullible enough to hear one side of a story and believe it without knowing both sides are going to hold a grudge. I suspect that population is small. And I KNOW that winning will change other minds. Shyiak will show over the next couple of years that he can build a winning team without local talent if he has to. And when he does the elite local talent will come. I love having local kids on the team. But they better be prepared to play hard and as a member of the team. If not then I'm personally happy to see them go to CC or NMU.

Donald Dunlop said...

Notes On Coach Shyiak Show:
Said Michigan Tech's band was the "best in college hockey".

Called the 2-1 win a gutty victory.

Said the competition between the goaltenders is helping the team be better. Mentioned Scott Johnson is doing a great job.

Coach was cautiously optimistic (my word not his) about the apparent increase in scoring leadership from Lunden, Clark, Bales, Crowder, Grant and Bales ... with "so far so good" but reminded everyone that it only gets harder as the season goes along.

On the Mavericks:
They're mobile and opportunistic ... one of the better skating teams in the league ... they have great goaltending .... They capitalize on turnovers and turn them into scoring chances.

Seawolves need stay out of the box (staff preaches it everyday). It's league-wide.

Traffic and getting Zacharias moving side to side and/or get greasy goals is the way to beat him. Off the puck forwards will have to be going to the net for potential rebounds.

For this weekend:
Will adjust the power play according to what Mankato presents. Get our shots through instead of being blocked by the PKers.

Grants success is strength/speed related and of course playing with Crowder from day one of the season.

Leinweber will be back on D this weekend.

Portwood is day to day questionable this weekend but may be ready for UND.

Last weekend Crowder and Clark both had the leftovers of the bug that went through the team.

Thinks practices may be more intense because of the shortened roster. Likes the way guys have stepped up to fill the vacancies.

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate the rundown from the show its to bad you dont make it part of the multi media part of your blog it would be something that would set yours apart from others

David said...

Donald, thanks for watching the show, I appreciate it and I appreciate your mentioning it in the blog, the team and (of course) the show will take all of the "pub" it can get. Pass along to anyone who has questions to e-mail them to the show (me) at I would rather read fans questions than make them up on the fly! Thanks again.

Donald Dunlop said...

If someone provided a copy I'd sure as hell make it part of the blog.

The University TV production website (KUAA Channel 9) you'll see that the last Coach Shyiak Show that they put on the web was published on 03-05-08.

I don't have a DVR connected to my TV and computer but if I did I would record the show and post it.

Anonymous said...

To DaveTuttle send Donald copies of the COACH SHOW so he can put it on the blog everybody would really appreciate it as you do a good job with the show and dont shy away from asking the tough questions THE next step is getting the player interviews on the jumble tron at the sully either between periods or at the start of the game after warmups In fact send another disc with just the player interviews so far for this season and myself aka THE PHANTOM will get it to the powers to be and this would I think be a welcome addition for the FANS SEND IT TO DONALD and it will get to the right people and if they like the idea it will happen and great job on the show we need to get u more exposure along with the PROGRAM

Anonymous said...

donald, did you read the article in about the team? if u have connections, tell them they need to do their research, cause they screwed up big time in some of their facts.


Anonymous said...

Like on what facts???

Anonymous said...

saying shane lovdahl is a junior when he is a senior for one.
2. brian bales is a junior not a senior.
3. Jamie Russell saying we the loss to northeastern was the first nc loss in shyiak's tenure. that's crap, we went 2-4 in nc play his first year.


Donald Dunlop said...

I sent an email to Adam Wodon at CHN within the last two weeks. Amongst other items I included the phrase, "now ... write something about the Seawolves". I found an email today from Adam saying, "Your wish is our command". I replied and included the minor corrections as you guys have pointed out.

The minor errors in the article are a pretty common type of mistake not unlike I make when writing about a team I'm not intimately familiar with. CHN has a comment section. I'd invite anyone interested (and I almost did myself) to provide some polite corrections there.

I like the CHN editors better than the other two sites so dont bust their chops too much for the Bales/Lovdahl class mix-up or the non-conf record by some kid learning to write that sort of thing.

Donald Dunlop said...

The inaccuracies have been resolved. There a no errors in the article any longer.

Mad Phat Props to CHN.

Anonymous said...

5 - 3? Ughhh.... Stay out of the box. Stay out of the box. Stay out of the box. Stay out of the box.

Suze said...

Get linesmen who know what off sides is. And stay out of the box.

You could have won that game UAA, so lets get the win tomorrow night. Hopefully Bryce will be in net, but Jonnie O made some big saves tonight as well.

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